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The Best About Money Songs

Published at 02/07/2012 23:47:15


Music is an extremely diverse medium. It affects grown-ups and children alike. People use music as a therapy when they feel stressed. Music is also used to stimulate certain moods. People often listen to music while waiting in line or during jogging because it makes the time go by faster. Money Songs are quite popular. These songs are of a different variety, covering different themes. The money songs themes range from homeless people, to robbing a bank and recently about becoming a millionaire.


The Best About Money Songs

The Great Depression was an era in the American history when the Wall Street crashed and caused major financial problems across the world. This accident had repercussions not only on the United States but the whole world was affected by its shock waves. The United States stopped trading with other countries and adopted a policy of isolationism. During this era, writing money songs was a blooming profession. This depression served as inspiration for many singers and song-writers. It was a way for people to escape their lives of depression and indulge in activities which made them forget their miseries.


The Best About Money Songs

The most popular money songs are hits in the United States and around other parts of the world. The most famous song about money is a song called “Money” sung by the popular band Pink Floyd. The lyrics emphasise on the fact that if as long as you have money, you have nothing to worry about. The theme of money was more popular in the 1960s and 1970s so most classic rock songs are about money. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan among many others sang money songs. In the song called “Can’t buy me love,” the Beatles express the idea that they are willing to give away money if they can get love. Kurt Cobain, the band leader of Nirvana, sang about money in a song called “The Money will Roll Right In” in which he said that once he becomes a star, he will be rich as the money will keep on rolling in. “Anything, Anything” is a song written by Dramarama. The lyrics of this song are about a man will give a woman anything he wants including candy, diamonds, pills and hundred dollar bills in return for her love. Recently a song called “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy topped the Billboard Charts in the United States. This song describes a desire to be a millionaire so he could be on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Tips and comments

Music is known to have calming effects on people. Children with autism and Down’s syndrome are exposed to slow music because it helps calm their nerves. If a person has a musical talent, it should be polished. It should not be neglected as it can help people express themselves. Music is an art and like all art, involves feelings and emotions. Songs can be about passion, love, hatred, money and countless other things. Money songs are often upbeat and fast compared to other songs.