How To Find a Song About Growing Up
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How To Find a Song About Growing Up

Published at 02/09/2012 04:49:27


How To Find a Song About Growing Up

Time is something no one can stop and everyone gets older by each passing day. Parents want there children to grow up with the fondest of memories or song about them, having serious mixed feelings seeing there child grow up. On one hand they want there child to be independent, make there own lives and achieve fruitful results from there upbringing while on the other hand they want the time to just stop, living in the moment, wanting there children to remain as kids forever, under there protection. 

Step 1

Reminiscing those days when one didn’t need to worry about getting up in the morning every day going up into there stressful routine of the entire day and dragging yourself from bed in order to work for a living, not only for yourself but a whole family to look after. When one didn’t have a care of the world while now not only caring about one self but the responsibility of parents and your own family too. A life living without any commitments, responsibilities, deadlines, promises and the biggest tensions comprising of forgetting your homework and giving exams. 

Step 2

This was the best time of your life and a good song about those days when you went to your first high school dance can bring back a lot of memories and make you so nostalgic and that feeling you get is a result of musicians and lyricists who have experienced the same feelings and life like you have. Thus, a song about going down the memory lane is always a good therapy to make you feel revived and fresh.

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A good song about growing up can leave the listener with memories that he or she always cherish but for people who are in the process of it makes them anticipate on the optimistic side of the new chapter in there lives which is song about to start. Things like receiving your first pay cheque, falling in love, getting married, having your own kids, being totally independent without the check of parents and advantages related to it can be very exciting for the to-be adult. They make you look forward to getting older which is a good change since being afraid of growing up wont get you anywhere in life as it a process no one can leave behind.

Step 4

Thus, music is the best way to express all emotions and looking up a song about growing up is the perfect way to touch the listener’s heart and soul. To embrace this long lasting process of growing up, looking up and hearing a song about it is the best way to familiarize one as to how everyone goes through it, making the child and adult both embrace it.

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Tips and Comments

To look for a song about growing up, researching on the internet is the best tool you have. Artists and musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, The Beatles, Rod Stewart are the most famous for having sang about this process and that is where you can start your research.