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Advice For a First Time Buyer Home

Published at 02/02/2012 01:29:42


Buying a house for the first time is a scary experience. There are so many technicalities and details it can be hard to know if you have every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed. Research and educate yourself on the ins and outs of the process of buying a home to help things go smoothly.

Step 1

List all of the components that are important to you in a home. Start with the most important things first. If you just can’t live without it, put it at the top of the list. Things like how many bedrooms, closets and bathrooms are very important to first time home buyers. This is the most important step in a first time buyer home situation because you will need to love the house. You will need to adore the house because you will need to live there for quite some time. When you begin to look for a house keep your list at hand and make sure that your most important details are covered in any house you consider.

Step 2

Use a real estate agent. The experience and networking you can get from a real estate agent that first time home buyers cannot get anywhere else. A first time buyer home situation can benefit from the extra resources that a real estate agent has at their disposal. They can find relevant appraisers, inspectors, closing agents and mortgage brokers that may be needed in the buyer home process. They can also save you many hours upon hours of time. They take your list of prerequisites and find homes that you may be interested in. They know where all the newest homes for sale are listed. They are useful in a first time buyer home situation.

Step 3

Check the specifics of your home loan. There are several points to look for in a first time buyer home loan that can make things a lot easier as years go by. For instance, make sure your lender knows how long you plan to be in the house. You can find different loan options to fit into your situation. State your long term goal for the most tailored loan options. Look for loans that help you build credit if bad credit is an issue in the first time buyer home program. The most important point of all is to make sure the monthly payment is something you can afford. Be realistic when you set this amount, especially if you already have credit issues.


Begin your search early. Start by mapping out the places you need to be close to like work or school. Next take into consideration any church services you attend and where they are located. If you can’t bear to be away from your family factor that in to. This will give you the basic area that you should begin your search in. People in a first time buyer home aggreement want to be comfortable. in their surroundings. If you’re working with a real estate agent, make sure they know where you need to be looking. If you don’t mind a longer drive give yourself another 12 – 15 miles radius to look in. That may be just the space you need to find your dream home.

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