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Home Buy - 6 Real Estate Tips

Published at 02/04/2012 09:38:06


To make sure that you get a worthwhile investment in your house, you will have to look at every feature, room and detail. You maximize the benefits of the home buy by studying first and then knowing specifically the items and characteristics that must be present. Real estate agents point out the key traits that must be available in every area of the home buy.

Step 1

The house itself. Curb appeal or the facade is important to consider because it affects price greatly. Even if the house is the same age or in the same condition as others in the area but appears more beautiful and attractive, this can equate to added cost. Find out the total area of the home buy in square feet. Ask for both the area of the indoor and outdoor space. Also check how many stories there are, the total number of rooms, bathrooms, half bathrooms and if there's a garage, attic and basement. Also check if there are other existing structures or rooms apart from the house such as a storage room, a swimming pool, garden or shed. All these will add cost to the home buy.

Step 2

The bedrooms. Even though the house might have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, personally ask yourself how many are needed for your family. You can cut costs in your home buy by only viewing houses that have the exact number of rooms you have in mind. Having an extra bedroom is an advantage, because it adds flexibility just in case you have a new member in the family or guests. It can also be used as an activity room, storage room or home office. Have an architect look at the floor plan to see if renovations are a possibility in case you need to add rooms later on.

Step 3

The bathrooms. The average home buy must allow you at least two bathrooms. The master's bedroom should always have an adjacent full bath. If you're planning for a huge house, every bedroom can have its own bathroom, plus one bathroom for the dining or living room. For limited space, let your children share one bathroom. There are homes that have a bathroom in the middle of two children's bedrooms with a door on each side for easy access.

Step 4

The kitchen. The kitchen should primarily be functional. Check the flow of the area and observe the counters, shelves and cabinets. Also check if it is well ventilated and has no problems with water, plumbing and electricity. If the home buy has a furnished kitchen, check these from the biggest to the smallest to avoid dealing with damaged appliances and fixtures.

Step 5

Lighting and windows. The home buy must have both natural light and artificial light. Having natural light during the day from windows, sky roofs and screen doors will help you save on utility bills. Also check the available artificial lights and if there are others that add drama to the room like a chandelier, lamps or recessed lights. Windows also allow proper ventilation and make a more worthwhile home buy.

Step 6

Other features. Check the finishing touches that will increase the value of your home buy. The house might have a built-in fireplace, floorboards made of pine or redwood, a wooden staircase, mouldings, intricate door knobs, solar power capabilities, etc.


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