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Advantages Of Cooking Home Meals


For some of us cooking at home has almost become a lost art. Working a nine to five job, getting the kids off to daycare and school, and picking up fast food meals has almost become a way of life for many families. Remember the Sunday dinners that mom prepared from scratch for your family and how all her meals were healthy and delicious. Cooking at home for the family not only means healthier food, but a time to share and strengthen family unity. Consider the advantages for you and your family by cooking home meals.


There is nothing like everyone pitching in to help make a meal together. Husbands and wives have a chance to catch up on new events, and kids can learn about meal preparation and nutrition. Working together to cook as a family creates good times and fond memories. Sharing the meal and enjoying good conversation with loved ones is priceless.

We have all done the fast-food routine where you grab something for dinner on the way home because you are out of time or just tired after a long day at work. You even have to admit that some of the food you pickup is pretty good, but what is in it? You probably do not really want to answer that question. Eating frozen TV dinners occasionally or microwaving instant meals to get by works for a while. However, poor diets lacking vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and protein will eventually catch up to you. Cooking at home gives you the opportunity to know what ingredients are used in the meals you prepare. You can choose healthy menus or make substitutions to recipes and cook meals that you will enjoy.

Eating out at a nice restaurant is always fun, especially with close friends. It can be very difficult to diet when eating restaurant food. You are not only unsure of the ingredients used in many of the recipes, but you may not have a clue as to how fattening your favorite dish really is. Ordering dishes a la carte is an option, but can be very expensive. Cooking at home is much easier for controlling portion sizes and ingredients. You can even whip up something special at home and splurge on healthy vegetables and fruits that you enjoy, and you will still not spend as much as you would for one meal at a nice restaurant.

Cooking meals at home with fresh ingredients instead of boxed meals and frozen dishes saves a lot of money and is so much healthier. For example, buying pre-prepared vegetables in cream sauce sprinkled with nuts does not sound so expensive until you realize you just paid a couple of dollars for one side dish only good for one meal. A frozen package of potatoes for two servings may cost $3 at the grocery, but a 10 pound bag of fresh potatoes only costs $2.50 and lasts for several meals.

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Cooking at home and preparing meals with leftovers saves money and time. You can decide your weekly meals and plan meals around your families favorites, while still making nutritious meals.

By Janet Zurr, published at 03/29/2012
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Advantages Of Cooking Home Meals. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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