How To Decorate in Home Cherry Wood Decor
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How To Decorate in Home Cherry Wood Decor

Published at 04/01/2012 14:42:56


How To Decorate in Home Cherry Wood Decor

Cherry wood adds a lively touch to your home decor; they can be used in bathrooms, living room, offices and kitchen. Their wide variety of colours give the user with great choice of styling their home like they want, since you can choose the colour of your furniture, walls with accordance to the cherry wood colour. Cherry wood gives a uniform and homogeneous structure, almost looking like a solid wood. Cherry wood dimensional stability is ideal for using it in any home application.

Step 1

First of all for decorating cherry wood floor, lighten up the atmosphere of your room at home. Use light colours on your wall, giving a cool and peaceful look to the room. To enhance the richness of the cherry wood, use cream, yellow or muted paints to give shinning look to the wood itself.

Step 2

It is important that you choose the tone of your furniture in accordance with the colour of your cherry wood. You don't want your guests to enter in your living room and the bright shocking contrasting colour of your sofa and your cherry wood to be a sour in eye. Having a tranquil, full of sunlight room always gives appeasing look to your mood. So, choose light coloured sofas and chair that somehow balances the colour of your cherry wood in your home.

Step 3

Add some life to the atmosphere of your home. Use an art piece on the wall, throw some pillows on the sofa with light and contrasting colour, but not too bright, use rug under the table, which will give a more vibrant look to the cherry wood floor.

Step 4

To further amplify the look of cherry wood in your home, paint your walls with light colour, using neutral colours will give the light and lively look also. Your room will look more filled with natural light.

Step 5

Use large windows in your room. Add some green plants near the windows to further enhance the look of the room. Using cherry wood accessories in the room will put further emphasis on the cherry wood. Using geometrical wooden tiles on the floor is also a good way to decor your room and make your home look elegant.


How To Decorate in Home Cherry Wood Decor

While decorating your home with cherry wood, it is important to balance the look and overall colour tone of the room. You can achieve that with using different art pieces, your wall colour all help to uplift the look of the room. Cherry wood comes in wide array of colours, like: white and gray, black, brown and beige, yellow, chocolate, green and beige and many more. So, when choosing the colour of your cherry wood, keep in mind that how are you going to balance things out with using wall colour, rugs, pillows etc. Little things like, placing a table lamp or placing some plants near windows can give you all together a new look. Further with time if the cherry wood gets some scratches over it, fill the scratches with red shoe polish or cordovan which matches the wood colour, or using cotton swab or artist brush with darkened iodine will help also.

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