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How To Choose Home Bedding

Home Bedding Choices

There are so many styles, colors and qualities of home bedding available that at times it may seem overwhelming. Home bedding choices can easily be narrowed down by omiting certain colors and styles. For example, if your bedroom is contemporary, you will probably be able to eliminate any home bedding that is done in a country style. You can also eliminate colors that you do not like or that will not match your bedroom's decor. Make note of the colors that will go with your bedroom colors and you are ready to begin the search.

Step 1

Determine the mood you are trying to create. You may want romantic, country, contemporary, shabby chic for example. Now that you know the mood and colors you are interested in, it is time to search home bedding options. 

Step 2

Look through magazines, catalogs and online for styles that you like. Also visit department stores to see the selections available. Find several that you like.

Step 3

Take a look at the materials list on any home bedding you are thinking about purchasing. This includes sheets. For example, if you are often cold, flannel sheets would be wonderful for you. One the other hand, if you find yourself hot and kicking the covers off at night, you will want to avoid flannel. Likewise with your comforter set, if you often cold, you will want one that holds in the warmth better. For those always warm or for spring and summer, you will want something with a lighter weight. Many people will buy one set of home bedding for winter and another for the warm weather months.

Step 4

Find the best package for you. You should now have the color, style and weight of the items you want to buy. Now you should choose the pieces you want. Usually home bedding items can be bought separately, or they can be bought as a package in what is called a bed in a bag. This usually includes the comforter, dust ruffle, pillow shams and sometimes throw pillows and a sheet set. Read the label to see what exactly comes in yours when looking.You can also purchase items separately. If your bed does not use a ruffle, this enables you to buy just the comforter without the ruffle. You can also mix and match throw pillows this way if you have a specific color scheme that you want to incorporate.

Step 5

Take care instructions into consideration when making your decision. An easy to care for item is often a better choice for those on a budget or a busy household. Some items may require being taken to the cleansers, keep this in mind when choosing.


It is recommended that you wash your new home bedding before placing it on the bed.

When buying a home bedding set, you may want to purchase an extra set of sheets. This will leave you with a clean set while the other is being washed.

Sheets should be changed and washed weekly. Other home bedding, such as blankets should be washed twice per month. A comforter that is used over a blanket or flat sheet can usually be washed monthly.

Taking decorative throw pillows off the bed at night helps them to keep their shape and remain looking good for longer.


By Jailynns Grandma, published at 02/11/2012
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