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Popular House Games For Sleepovers

Published at 02/29/2012 10:48:57


Sleepovers are supposed to be fun parties, where girls can relax, hang out and get to know a lot about each other. An integral part of any sleepover is house games, so if you are playing hostess at a sleepover party, make sure you arrange beforehand to be able to spice up the sleepover with house games (other than that, also make sure you send out invitation well in advance and clean up your house, decorating it if there is a theme involved). Here is a list of games you could choose from or modify to suite the tastes of your friends:


No-Mirror Make-Over: Here, the players have to wear their make-up without looking into a mirror. The one with the most hideous make-up wins this game. As a good hostess, remember that this is one of the house games where you must take plenty of photographs to embarrass people later!

Truth or Dare: This is one the classic house games that pops up at every sleepover. The rules are simple – chose someone to begin the game. The beginner gets to choose the person who goes first by asking “Truth or Dare”. If the answer is truth, they will have to answer a question put to them, and if it is dare, they will have to perform a task, no matter what it is!

Tapper: This is one of the more mysterious house games for older kids and teenagers. A person is designated as 'tapper' and has to leave the room. Everyone hides and the lights are switched off when the tapper returns. When the tapper manages to find someone in the dark, they tap them. That person has to reply in a weird voice, and the tapper has to figure out who it is. If they are right, this person now has to be the tapper. Otherwise, the tapper will have to find another person.


Murder: Put slips of paper into a hat (the number of papers should be the same as the number of guests). Have your guests each choose one slip of paper which they should not show to anyone else. Each slip of paper will be blank with the exception of one that says "Murderer." The guest who picks "Murderer" has to walk around the party and "kill" people by winking at them. As soon as one of the guests is winked at, he/she has to count to three and then fall on the floor. If someone knows who the murderer is, they have to say "Stop! I know who the Murderer is." If the accuser is wrong, then he/she is "dead" and out of the game. If the accuser is correct, then the game is over, and he/she is the winner.

Tips and comments

Because house games are meant to add fun to a party, choosing winners for every game might not be a good idea, as this might make the other feel left out. Instead, make sure that there are small gifts and prizes for everyone who is at the party.


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