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What Are The Extra Curricular Activities Curriculum At Universities

The Need For Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of colleges and at universities these days. Whether they are voluntary or mandatory, universities consider them to be an important part of a student's life which helps a student prepare for life outside of college. Several firms also look at student's extracurricular activities a student participated in before considering to hire them as part of their firm.

Get Involved

Student Government is one of the most popular type of extracurricular activities on college campuses, students involved in student governments can look forward to running for various positions such as the student body president of their college or a member of sororities or fraternities. Student government bodies are also responsible for allocating funds to other student organizations, organizing events for the college as well as providing a platform for students to discuss the issues that they would like to take up with the university thus providing a harmonious atmosphere for everyone. Some other activities such as Model United Nations provide students to act on their knowledge of various fields and apply them in a simulated environment where they participate along with their peers representing different countries.

Almost each and every educational at universities in the country offers some sort of sports activity to its students as part of its curriculum. Sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis are among the popular sports among at universities going students and they provide them with a platform to display their athletic skills. Students can try out for their varsity team and make a name for themselves. Gymnastics, swimming and other Olympic sports are also very popular sports that help students to show their competitive nature.

Perfect Your Skills And Creativity

Activities like singing, dancing, marching band, drawing, photography and film making help students release their creative side, several events relating to these activities are also held regularly.

Social services includes activities such as planting trees, cleaning up the public places, educating the unfortunate and building homes, these activities are purely voluntary but might provide one with a feeling of wellbeing. There are many services and projects that student can join such as Habitat for Humanity which operate throughout the year. Many students often spend their spring break volunteering to go to a foreign country. These trips help them to improve their knowledge of the world outside college.

A language club helps a student to learn and practice several languages without the pressure of performing well in the exams. Students are provided access to a wide variety of languages that they may not normally have access to in their classrooms as well. Many at universities have their own campus news and radio stations which are run and managed by students, these places simulate many of the real things that one would expect in a professional environment and prepares a student further. Writing for at universities newspapers and magazines are also important activities that student should try to get involved in.


There are a whole lot of other activities that students can participate in to improve their professional outlook or just for fun. These activities also help potential employers screen the deserving candidates in today's competitive job market.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/22/2012
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