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Published at 02/22/2012 19:06:55


The job of real estate agent was considered as one of the most profitable since the year of 2008, when the financial recession affected the prices of real estate. Agents who could make millions of dollars a year in villas selling and buying business woke up with their business ruined, so they had to change their strategy in the market. Let’s see how you could be successful in villas business today.

Step 1

First, you will need to have some experience in selling, even if it is not in villas business. A good agent must help the client in villas choosing by giving him all the required information, but also access to some resources that will help the client even more. The truth is that in villas real estate agents need a little more experience than the ones involved in selling apartments and flats, as we are talking about significantly higher sums.

Step 2

The possible buyers will not move in villas as soon as the agent recommends one. Today, the clients are interested in the neighborhood, about the schools and supermarkets in the vicinity of those villas, about the infrastructure and other elements. Moreover, they will also be curious about the price changes in villas values, as some of them would buy those villas only as a financial speculation.

Step 3

The clients of the real estate agencies would expect for the agents to help them in villas negotiating with the potential seller. There are numerous factors involved in the negotiating process, and they are not necessarily connected with the price. The clients expect complete services from the agents, including financing options, aspects about reparations, furniture and other aspects.

Step 4

The buying/selling contract should have a clause referring to the time needed for the seller (or buyer) to finish the reparations and investigations of the property, before establishing the obligations to buy or sell the property. The agent will advise you about all the aspects involved in villas transactions.

Step 5

There are even some aspects involved in villas evaluation that you might not know. Just because the seller of a villa requests a sum for the villa does not mean that the respective value is the actual value of the property. From this point of view, the agent has to talk with the evaluator to check all the details of the home carefully, such as the type of soil of the ground where the villa is built and the state of the roof and of the pluming.


The agents must find qualified personnel to evaluate all those aspects about the villa and to offer written reports about their conclusions. You will probably want a preliminary report on the documents of the villa also. Sometimes, villas have an uncertain legal situation, and if it is the subject of the lawsuit, it can’t be sold by the owner. However, many owners of villas try to push their luck trying to sell such properties, hoping for the buyer not to be careful about those aspects. Luckily, you will have your agent by your side that will help you with all the aspects involved in villas transactions.