How To Find Villages With Private Schools in Hawaii
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How To Find Villages With Private Schools in Hawaii

Published at 03/01/2012 09:39:13


How To Find Villages With Private Schools in Hawaii

Education is a priority for everyone. There is no discrimination in the matter of education. It is a necessity that must be achieved by every child at his learning age. Whether he is a poor child living in villages or slums or he is a well off kid in the urban society, he must receive his basic education. Many people think of education to be limited to the urban areas and the villages are neglected. This should be corrected.

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Villages form an essential part of every country. Majority of the population especially of the developing countries, live there. But the sad part is that they are always denied of the basic facilities like food, clothing, shelter, recreation and education. The life in these areas is pitiful and there is a dire need of rehabilitation and reconstruction of a number of things.

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While talking about the provision of facilities to the villages, education comes on the top. There is an urgent need to set up private institutions in these areas, so that the children must receive adequate learning and knowledge. This basic learning is a must for every child, so that he can stand up to his feet and earn for his poor families.

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Thus, the faculty and staff should be trained and qualified in these village institutions. Students must be given chance of participating in curricular and co-curricular activities. There learning should be enhanced by giving them a chance to express themselves and work enthusiastically.

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The place of Hawaii is full of educational institutions. Hawaii has one of the finest private schools that educate millions of children in the suburbs. But the question arises as to whether there are private schools in the villages of Hawaii or not? The presence of schools in the villages and poor areas of Hawaii is very essential just like other areas. All children must receive education.

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The public schools in Hawaii are operated by the Hawaii Department of Education. It is an organization that runs and controls the entire education system of Hawaii. It makes sure that the institutions run smoothly and follow certain rules and regulations that are essential. It works to ensure that every child in Hawaii receives the basic education that is a necessity. It performs its duty very well in regulating the educational affairs of the country and the state itself. Some examples of elementary schools include the Kailua intermediate school, Kailua High School and Kalaheo High School. These are the dominant elementary schools of the area. However there are a number of private schools in the villages too. These include the famous Le Jardin Academy that educates a bulk of students. Also included are the Redemption Academy, St. Anthony School and the Trinity Christian School.


How To Find Villages With Private Schools in Hawaii

Thus Hawaii is blessed with a number of educational opportunities both in the towns as well as the villages. The area aims at making its citizens educated and civilized so that they can stand up to their feet and do wonders for the country even by living in villages.

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