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Importance Of a Park By a Village

Published at 03/20/2012 09:16:10


Every village must have a well maintained park. There are several benefits of a village park. Some of them are listed below:

1) Entertainment: A park serves as an excellent place for recreational activities. It is much sought after by people from all age groups. A park is a popular place for parents to take their toddlers to. A park also serves as a place for children and youngsters to play games like Frisbee and volleyball. Many parks have sand pits, swings, slides and other fixtures which keep children of all ages thoroughly entertained. Parks are much favoured by couples who enjoy the solace and the romanticism that a park presents. Also, a village park offers senior citizens a chance to meet, chat and exercise.


2) Socializing: A village park is an excellent place for socializing. Parks aid bonding of people and help to bring the community together. They also offer a chance to form friendships within the people of the village. Many events such as independence days, national holidays and other festive activities may be arranged at the park. A village park provides a much needed relief from the monotonous lifestyle that is often seen in villages. Many people who live in villages work very hard to earn a living. A park proves as a good resting place for such individuals.

3) Education: A village park can be the ideal place for imparting valuable knowledge to kids. The park offers a stress-free and relaxed setting for education. This helps kids to develop the skills of analytical thinking. It also heightens their curiosity. A park is the perfect place to teach children about nature and environmental protection. It is one of the best ways for inculcating a sense of morality among children. This may be accomplished by telling them stories. The best thing about a park is that it feels much less formal than a classroom. Thus, children are more receptive to anything that they are taught. Youngsters can be taught about their social responsibilities by encouraging them to volunteer in maintaining the park.


4) Economy: If a village park is well kept, then it has a good chance of becoming a sought out destination for travellers and city folk. People will want to come to the park for picnics and barbeque parties. These people will patronise the village for anything that they might need. This helps to improve the economy of a village. The tourists might want to stay up for the weekend so that they may enjoy the countryside. They will need gas, food, water, drinks, ice cream and accommodation. This will serve as a good source of income for the villagers. People who live in cities are interested in organic produce. The village park may be used to set up the weekly farmers’ market. If properly advertised, this will attract lots of people who are looking to buy organic products.

Tips and comments

A village park is often underrated and ignored. A well managed village park adds a lot of character to the entire place. It enlivens the entire village and lends a sense of camaraderie and well being.


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