How To Make the Football Spiral When Throwing It
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How To Make the Football Spiral When Throwing It

Published at 02/23/2012 02:30:00


How To Make the Football Spiral When Throwing It

Football is quite the sport, a man’s sport as they like to call it. It is one of the most popular games played in most countries. For those who think this is just a measure of strength rest assured that it is far more than that. There cannot be another game that requires this much strategy. So yeah this is not about everyone jumping on the guy who has the football in possession, it is about speed and agility and quick thinking. It is like the football is the subject and all the players are objects and it takes great skill to be able to perform different maneuvers on that ball to get it across that line. Professional players and even those who play locally practice for hours at end to increase their stamina and undergo rigorous training.

Step 1

So when you have the football in hand and want to make a pass to your teammate you would want the football to “spiral”. The unique apex of the football means if you throw it randomly it will go left or right rather than straight ahead. What the footballer needs to know is how to “spiral” it so that it keeps spinning at the spot and lands on target. This is most entrusted to the Quarterback which is indeed an important and tough position to play.

Step 2

Every little detail is important as one mishandled pass can turn the tables. Throwing a good pass starts with the fingers and hands. It is best to place your ring finger upon the first place and the middle knuckle on the second place with your pinky’s tip on the football’s third place.

Step 3

A comfy grip is required but most importantly the football has to be gripped with the fingertips. The football is not to be palmed or there shall be flying ‘ducks’. The right amount of pressure should be applied from the thumb, middle and ring fingers. This grip gives a tight spiral.

Step 4

You should know that the art is total full on body experience. You need to be aware of many parts. Jeff Trickey, who runs the Jeff Trickey Quarterback Camps says that the upper torso and the front shoulder should be kept slightly open to keep an eye on the defense back side. It’s obvious this can’t be explained better than the pros.

Step 5

It is not necessary that the receiver’s standing point and the point of reception are the same. As you pose for the throwing motion, keep your hands on the outer side of the football, rotating your thumb towards your opposite thigh. A trick is to ensure that the index finger’s inside is literally the last surface to be in touch with the ball when you throw it.


How To Make the Football Spiral When Throwing It

The whole of your body needs to be used here. Keep these guidelines in mind and you will be throwing an awesomely tight spiral in no time. Remember, it’s neither only mind nor body that is at work here but both need to be used in order to play like a pro.