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Football Fantasy Rules

Published at 07/05/2011 12:54:16

 When the concepts of Football clubs first started, a club could officially buy a player for a certain amount of money to have him in his team. The club owner spends enough money to make himself a great team. And when enough of these clubs were formed, there was nothing better to do than pit them against themselves. These clubs became the heart and soul of the football fans around the world. It got so far ahead that fans would fantasize about forming their own clubs with their own choice of players. True the money was an important part but when they decided to compete their fantasy team with another football fan’s there were a few complications when they both had Lionel Messi playing Mid Field. Thus started the proper formation of Fantasy football Teams with rules and regulations, with even proper processes to play against each other. 

 Choosing the number of player is very simple. There are 15 players; 2 Goal keepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Mid Field, and 3 Strikers. There are many ways of restricting the number of players from the clubs or the countries, depending on the rules of the people. They usually decide before and that a team cannot have a Football fantasy Team that has 2 or 3 players from a single club. If a player moves from a club to another (in real life) then the Fantasy football Team should check if it is not breaking rules. Then the amount of money a player can spend fantasy money that is. Usually people set the spending limit to a Million Dollars or something like that. The players have already been allotted the price tags and then the bidding begins. Transfers can also happen considering people want to buy off another fans team player. There are rules for example, a maximum of one transfer per game week and no returns.

 So the people or fans decide on their teams and then the parts with the League Matches begin. Basically the whole concept of winning a Fantasy football league is through points. How the points are won is based on the rules of the game. A single game played could be worth a single point but a game won could be worth 5 points depending on the game. If the game is quarter final or a semi final the points could be much greater. For reaching the finals then the points could be the highest. Also there could be points deduction based on the performance of the players or any fouls given in the match.

Tips and comments:

 The trend for having fantasy football teams in the office or schools and universities has become increasingly popular. True it’s a waste of time planning and spending hours on something that most would never achieve but like every other game; fantasy football has become of the leading games or pass time for sports fans all over the world. There are even international web based fantasy football teams that have people joining in from all over the world.