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5 Topmost Football Games To Be Seen

Published at 07/15/2011 09:56:51

 Are you a fan of football? Do you think you’re the most avid fan of football? Ever wonder what are the top 5 most watched Football games of all time? Read on and find out what are the most watched football games. Usually, most of the must-watched football games happen on a thanksgiving where the family sits on a couch, eat turkey, stuffing or pie and enjoy good servings of Football games. Here are the top 5 must seen football games.

The top 5 on the list is the Michigan Wolverines versus Ohio State Buckeyes. This may be a one – sided game, but it’s still the biggest rivalry game in football games for three straight years. The Michigan Wolverines continue to slowly improve under the supervision of their team coach, Rich Rodriguez, also with the help of their awesome quarterback, Denard Robinson. Even though they have the worst defense in the country, they still manage to be one of the top. In fact, the wolverine’s ranks 110th out of 120th teams and contributed 46.2 points per game over 6 years of football games. In this series, The Buckeyes got their seventh win in the series while the wolverines became bowl-eligible again which they are thankful of. This rivalry between the wolverines and the buckeyes has been present for 113 years; this record has the possibility to be thrown away if Robinson can regain his “magic”.

 The top 4 on our list is the Green Bay Packers versus Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons might be fascinated why they are disregarded in the conversation among the best teams in the National Football Conference. Well in fact, they have the best record on the football games in the national football conference and they will certainly stake their status atop the conference if they can defeat the Green Bay Packers. The packers won four straight football games, and their quarterback Aaron Rodgers is making an austere case for the National Football League as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). If the falcons can move the mark from 17-1 to 18-1, they would not be overlooked any longer.

The top 3 in the list is the Oklahoma Sooners versus Oklahoma State Cowboys. This series is simply known as “Bedlam”. The cowboys have already won the Big 12 south title (their first ever championship since 1976). I they lose to their biggest rival, they would be prevented from playing in the Big 12 Championship season.  The Sooners have owned the Bedlam Series, won seven straight football games and are also playing for the privilege to go to the Big 12 Championship. Even if they are just 20-15 on the road, this could be their key.

 The San Diego Chargers versus Indianapolis Colts is on to our top 2. The San Diego Chargers again had a slow start in this season, but as what they have done in the Norv Turner Era, the 2nd half run is one hell of a game. The Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has harmonized the teams three game winning and is on to beat Dan Marino’s single season yardage passing record. Concurrently, Peyton Manning has always stand out on prime time while his supporting cast is less than 100 percent. He is still going to give the Chargers defense a hard time.

Auburn Tigers versus Alabama Crimson Tide has topped our list. Auburn is a perfect 11-0 and will play in the SEC Championship game whether they win or lose.Their national Championship ambition will take a big leap if they will lose at the Bryant-Denny Stadium. Last year, auburn has ruined Alabama’s perfect score in football games as they found their way to go ahead the score with the remaining 1:24. I Alabama can retrieve their running back Mark Ingram (the reigning Heisman Trophy winner), they might just able to grab the favorite of this year’s trophy, Cam Newton who is dealing plenty of other allegations aside from inside the football games yard.

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 These are our top 5 football games to be seen. Be the judge of their plays and be astonished with each game that we have recommended. Have fun watching with your family and with your friends.