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How To Play Fantasy Football

Published at 07/06/2011 23:21:00

 Football has to be one of the most played games in the world. People across the world have been playing football with any round thing they find, on any given surface. In the dry lands of water lacking Africa, to the grassy plains in Spain or on the beach somewhere in Brazil, people play football with the same and equal joy and love for the game. It is a game that people believe to have united millions of people under one common banner and sport. Not many sports have been loved by people of such different race, color, class or creed. 

 The football clubs began taking this to another level where players became part of many teams that did not just represent countries but a group and organization where players would join in and be a part of something even bigger than international football. The clubs owners spend large amounts of money on player giving them a huge paycheck every week so they play for them in their teams and compete in big competition. This is where the fans had the idea of the possibility of having to create their own club and be able to choose their favorite players and be able to put their teams with their friends’ team and then see who is better. That became the foundations of Fantasy football. 

 In fantasy football people are given a set of rules. These people are usually friends, colleagues or students in an educational institute. These people who decide to play fantasy football together, ave some predefined rules. These rules are about the player selection, and then the matches these fantasy football teams play against each other. First the player selection is the most important. The standard is a lineup of 2 goalkeepers, 3 strikers, and 5 mid fielders and defenders each. These players have been allotted specific prices which are already defined or the actual ones can be used as well. Then the maximum spending budget is decided. Then a team can be formed using that amount of money to pay for the 15 player team. Then there is the part about the transfer. These can be done any time in the number of weeks the game is played. Then the playing part of the game states that every team be awarded points for the games they play, win and then deduce points for the losses. Any fouls received by the players that resulted in getting a card would also take away points. This could go on for long weeks from the starting of the Champions League till the finals after which the best fantasy team would be left with the highest points.

Tips and comments:

 The fantasy football game is gaining popularity day by day. It started off from a few friends getting together and playing the game as a hobby and now it has grown internationally where fans from all over the world form fantasy football teams and plays against each other. Websites and social networking sites have the application for these fantasy football teams and people register to form their own fantasy team.