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Best football in the world

Published at 01/17/2012 07:50:50


Football is not an exact science, so finding out where the best football in the world is being played can be really hard. As many things in this world, it depends on the individual preferences of every person. Football can be played in many varieties: there is offensive or defensive football, physical or technique wise, tactical football or high paced football.


Football in Spain is offense oriented, so many people enjoy it. It is played with technique, speed and it is fast paced. It is an obvious style of play for them, because most Spanish players are very gifted technique wise, but not considered to be physical imposing. Height and strength are often overlooked in Spain, when the player shows good technique and good speed. Tactical preparation is not as valued as in other countries, so games are dynamic and spectacular.

Football in Italy is mostly defense oriented, because of the high emphasis on tactics. Tactic preparation is viewed as the most important aspect of the game in that country, so the pace of the game is quite slow. Players in Italy have good technique, very good size and strength and great tactical knowledge. Speed is not as valued as the others in this country. Goals aren’t scored as much as in other countries, mostly because of the tactical preparation, but also because the Italian League has always had the best goalkeepers in the world.


Football in Germany is balanced when it comes to offence and defense. It is probably the most physical football in Europe, because of the high emphasis on height, strength and stamina. Tactical preparation is also viewed as an important aspect of the game. The level of speed is pretty good, the only quality players in Germany lack, when compared to other strong leagues, is technique. The quality of games is very good, especially in the recent years.

Football in England is the most balanced right now. It looks more like a combination of the three above. It is, by far, the most valued league in the world. It used to be one dimensional (a lot of side crosses into the box for a header) a few years ago, with big emphasis on strength and rough play. Although strength remains the most valued even to this day, height, speed, technique and tactical knowledge are also much appreciated. Premier League is probably the only league in the world that has the complete package, and this is a reason why it is so appreciated. Also, there are always four or five teams that are considered forces in Europe, a big difference from all the other leagues that usually have two, three at most.

Tips and comments

Every country has its own particularities when it comes to the style of football played, so trying to establish where the best football in the world is being played is a difficult thing to do. Every aspect is interesting in its own way, so, what some people may find boring, can be considered very appealing by others.