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How To Get In Football League

Published at 07/12/2011 22:33:32

What is the most watched sports in television most of these years? Football of course! Hundreds and millions of football fans gather every fall because it is the start of the super bowl who is run by the National League Football (NFL) in America or the Canadian League Football (CFL) in Canada. Football is a team game which involves advancing a ball in the goal in attempt to make a score. It is a game more of gain territory than of scoring points. In football, there are two teams who steps in a field, each teams consists of 11 players and only one team at a time has the ball. That team is called the offense and the other is the offense and tries to stop the other team from scoring. The offense try to surpass the defense team by rushing and passing the ball to one team mate to the other and struggle to make to the goal. It has four chances and downs to move the ball 10 yards and if it succeeds, the offense got to keep the ball for another four downs.

 Football is a hard-fought battle. It is full of action and exciting plays. So in order to enter in a football league, one must first be good in the game and has a fit body to withstand all of the tackling and running the game requires. In this game, one's body is the capital of the player because mainly it's the one who functions more during the game. Although the mind also plays a role because it helps the player to form strategies, It is essential to use both. So if anyone of you who plans to join a Football League, make sure that you are ready for the things that would happen because you'll never know if till when your team holds that title.

 Talking about big time football, there are different kinds of league which are grouped in three divisions namely League football Championship, League football One, and League football Two. Each divisions has 24 clubs and in every given season, a club plays with each other in the same division twice which makes 46 games played each season. Each clubs gain 3 point foe every win, one for a draw and of course none if they lose. At the end of each season, the top club of each division will be promoted to the next higher division. At the end, two league clubs lose their Football status while two teams from Conference National joins the League two in their benefit. (that's why it's much more of a territorial game instead of just a plain scoring game).

Tips and comments:

My advice for those aspiring Football players who is aiming for the top, make a team not just good, but an excellent team which possess the requirements and the demands of  Football league.  Most importantly, make sure that the team has excellent skills and tight teamwork. With all of these traits, who knows? Maybe your team would be one of those big teams in the league. So good luck and enjoy each game.