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Top 3 Exercises For Football Sport


The sport Football is a universal game that is played and enjoyed by millions .Professional footballers are not only enthusiasts of the game but are always under training and so have to carry out certain exercises for the sport football. The purpose behind this rigorous training is to be able to play at optimal level and show the strength and endurance required to do so. They can only accomplish this by carrying out the exercises for football sport that are not only tough but also help the footballer in gaining power and increasing their potential to deliver and win.


The history of exercises for the sport football is as ancient as the sport itself. We know that this sport was first developed by peasants and adopted by the military to train their armies. They tried their best to make sure they win, especially if they were playing against an opponent county or tribe! Therefore trainers used to train their teams and tried their best to keep the players fit and increase their capacity to out play the opposing team.


The most preferred exercise for the sport football is the muscular endurance .Muscular endurance is said to increase a person’s muscular activity especially in the lower abdomen .The purpose of this exercise is also to increase the strength of the player, his stamina and agility on the pitch This exercise is carried out by making a chart of the laps run by the player and increasing them gradually as he gets accustomed to it. Another exercise that is promoted by trainers is the Leg Circuit that trainers and coaches use to increase the player’s leg strength. They do this by making the players do two footed squats and lunging forward exercises. Also for better performance on the pitch players are asked to do strength improving exercises that are only carried out at the gym. By using the machines as instructed by gym instructors a player can improve his quads, calf, thighs, and quadriceps. Trainers also focus on training the footballer’s reflexes on the pitch so that when he has the ball he can easily perform as par his position on the field. They do this by placing various obstacles on the field that the players then have to dodge. As a result it helps the footballer increase his speed and movement while also learning to use his reflexes on the pitch.

Tips and comments

The footballer must realize that exercises for the sport football are not to be taken lightly .These exercises may look easy but they need intense commitment and guidance to bring out the desired result. Exercises to improve skills and body must always be done with rhythm and consistency. If you are not committed or try to change your routine dramatically at once, it may cause you physical torment. Many people do change their exercise routines but with time and gradually. In the end one must remember that any exercise is good for your health as long as you don’t over do it.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/17/2012
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