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Spread Betting Football How To

Published at 07/14/2011 13:26:01

 Betting has been going on since there were any sports to play. People place bets on the side, a team or a player, to win or lose, and depending on the outcome of the game and the money that was betted prior to the game is won or lost. But in the past there has been a very obvious and uneven sides of the bets have made the betting game a little more predictable and frankly, less fun. It is like in a case where a strong team like Vikings plays against Colts in the NFL, the turn out of the game is generally obvious. So when you want to bet, it would generally be for the Viking’s for the win. And since everybody would be betting the same, it wouldn’t be much left to bet on. So instead of betting the favorites to win or the underdogs to lose, the bet is placed on ‘how’ the match is loss or won, the number of goals, or difference of baskets, or number of no-balls.

 So the question is how you do take part in this spread betting football game, and what do you have to know to be a good better. First thing is that spread betting football is very different from the way normal betting is done. In normal betting, the winnings depend if the team lost or not, but in spread betting the betting is done on a range of outcomes. Here you bet on the score the team would win by or lose from. The betting is done against a ‘spread’. This ‘spread’ is the outcome the company decides that it thinks that it would be the outcome. So the players would bet if the ‘spread’ value is lower or higher than what they predict themselves. Now you win or lose depending on how much right or wrong you are. Suppose the spread is that the Vikings win by 7-14 points against Colts. So if you think that they would win by more than that, then you would be BUYING in the bet, and if you think that it would be less (could be negative as well), then you would be SELLING.

 So how do you calculate the winnings or losses in the spread betting football. Lets say that every goal difference would be equal to the 2 times the number of money you put it against it. So if you say they win by 21 points (which they do) and you bought in for $100 a goal then you would get 21 -14 = 7 * 100 = 700*2 =$1400. If the opposite occurs then you lose $1400 against the $100 you put up.

Tips and comments:

 It is generally a risky game to play. Although it as more odds than the regular betting version where the winning chance is 50%, while in spread betting football you have a lesser odd for losing and winning both. It is advised that the players should get out of the game when they feel they have doubled or tripled their money instead of placing the winnings in another bet.