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How To Get Colts Football Tickets

Published at 07/11/2011 19:46:23

 Like many teams in the NFL the Indianapolis colts were before known as Baltimore Colts and that stayed till 1983 after which the team headquarters moved to Indianapolis. The Colts have been playing well since their very start in 1953 because soon after, 6 years later, the Colts brought in their first NFL championship. It was also their first playoff appearance and since they have played in 24 playoffs. Besides their first championship they won 2 others and two Super Bowls as well.  7 conference games and 14 division games have made them very popular in the NFL. Recently they constructed their latest team stadium in 2008 named the Lucas Oil Stadium. The Irsay family owns the shares to the team, and the CEO is also the owners name Jim Irsay.

 The first ting to know when buying Colts Football Tickets is that when to buy and what to buy. Yes, what to buy. There are different types of Colts Football Tickets available for the fans. Colts Football Tickets cost depending on the location of the seats. Basically the closer the seat is to the ground is the most expensive. The farthest seat behind the goal posts is the cheapest seat, and the next down the line is the lesser one. Now the most expensive ones are the ones that are behind the player’s bench. The one right behind the players is the expensive one and the one around them are less expensive. Second thing to remember is that the time you buy the ticket. If you want to get cheap tickets, buy them ahead of time. If the game day draws nearer then the prices of the Colts Football Tickets go higher. It is like airline tickets, when you buy them right before the flight it costs 4 times as much as regular flights that are booked weeks in advance.

 Colts Football Tickets can be bought at the official Colts website. Right now the tickets are not available but there are waiting lists for the season passes and for a fan to be a part of the waiting list they have to fill out the forms. Colts Football Tickets have added a new feature that allows the recipient of the ticket to trade it with a ticket from another day in case he would not be able to make it to that particular game. This way he can make it to another game and another fan can have his ticket in return.

Tips and comments:

 It is suggested to many fans to buy tickets that are sold at the official price. These prices can be seen on their official website where you can also purchase the Colts Football Tickets via credit card. It has to be made sure that you paid the right amount of money if you are buying from other ticket websites and the fact that these tickets are authentic is also important. The people selling these tickets can be fraud and leave you with fake tickets which could problem at the ticket booth at the entrance of the stadium. Also possession of fake tickets can be a federal crime.