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Which is the best football league in the world?

Published at 01/19/2012 00:14:50


Trying to establish the best football league in the world is not an easy thing. There are a lot of top leagues in the world, each one with its own characteristics and style of play. Most of them are in Europe, but you can find quality football in other parts of the world, likeBrazil orArgentina.


The best and most valued football league in the world is Premier League, in England. In the last years, it was the league that spent significantly more money for transfers than any other. A lot new owners have emerged and invested huge sums of money, which led to many strong teams. It is the league that has four or five top European forces every year, while most of the others have two, three at best. Because of the big investments in foreign players and coaches, the British style of play is not practiced so often anymore. It is a much more technique and speed based style of play that kept some of the traditional elements in British football. This makes Premier league not only the best in the world, but also the most diverse and complex football league in the world.


The second place is held by the Spanish League, Primera Division. The style of play is very appealing: fast, unpredictable, and very technique based. Players in Spainare not known for their height or strength. The last years, Spainprovided with the best two teams in the world, Barcelonaand Real Madrid. The reason that the Spanish League is not as valued as the one in Englandis that the difference between these two teams and all the others is huge. It is not balanced at all; the competition is, almost in every year, between Barcelonaand Real Madrid for the first and second place, while the others compete for the 3rd position and below. The clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid though is the most dynamic, entertaining and spectacular football match you can see nowadays, but the rest of the matches are not that great.

Tips and comments

Bundesliga, the top football league in Germany is on the third position. Football quality is very high in this country. There is only one true top European club here, Bayern Munich, which wins the league once every two years. The other years though, the winner is almost every time a surprise, making this football league very balanced. German teams always play very well inEurope, but, with one exception, they are not considered top European teams because of the lack of continuity. Here, almost every year, the top team last year is replaced with a new emerging top team, so they don’t have the chance to impose as a force in a European competition a few seasons in a row.

There are also other high ranked leagues in Europebesides these three. Italian football league, Serie A, is very strong, with many top European teams, like AC Milan, Inter Milan or Juventus. It was the best in the world several years ago, but has lost some ground lately.