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Published at 01/21/2012 11:03:48


Football is a tough sport and it requires protective equipment. There are many injuries related to this sport, some are minor injuries but without the appropriate protective football equipment severe injuries may appear, including spinal and head injuries.  So having the best football equipment is crucial in your development and safety. There is no limitation to how much protective gear you can put on yourself, but keep in mind that having a lot of equipment can slow you down. Professional football players protect almost every inch of their bodies. You can find football equipment at almost all the sport shops.

Choosing the right equipment

Choosing the right helmet is very important because without a helmet there are chances that you will not survive a football match. Going on the field with no head gear can result in serious injuries like concussions. The helmet is designed and equipped with metal guards to protect the player’s face. The helmet also has padding on the inside to limit the damage from hits to the head. When buying a helmet you must keep in mind that the helmet must fit perfectly on your head, a loose or a very tight helmet will not help you. Go to the local football equipment shop and try many helmets and see which one will fit you best. While you are at the shop a good idea will be to buy a mouth guard, this will keep your teeth safe. Mouth guards are cheap and will also spare you a lot of pain.

When buying shoulder pads make sure that the pads fit properly. The pads are designed to cover the upper arms and the thorax they will protect you from serious blows. If you want to buy you shoulder pads from an online football equipment store make sure you measure yourself properly. Depending on your position shoulder pads will differ just a bit.


Training is very important in football but this also requires equipment. No training can be done without training dummies. You can use these dummies for blocking or tackling drills. For blocking drills the dummy is attached to a blocking sled and the player must push the dummy backwards.

Another useful piece of equipment is a ladder. This is used for developing player’s agility. The ladder is used to force the player to keep his knees high while running through the ladder. This type of drill will help players be more elusive when carrying the ball. It also helps the defensive players to stop the opponent ball carrier.

A vital piece of football equipment is a football holder. This will help a kicker to practice without having a player to hold the ball resulting in longer practice hours if the kicker wants to practice more.

Throwing targets will help the quarterback to practice and improve his accuracy without throwing the ball to a receiver.

Tips and comments

Having the best football equipment will help you develop your skills much faster. Always remember that your safety comes first and the right equipment will keep you healthy for a long time.


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