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School of football for teenagers

Published at 01/18/2012 21:55:35


Football for teenagers has reached a point where big named clubs buy youngsters and train them for the future of the club. Almost all big clubs all over the world have grown their academies reaching a point of investments where they can buy youngster’s, offer them a proper training, education, a place to live with their family, an appropriate meal for proper performance, a decent salary that can grow according to their later performances.


The number of schools of football for teenagers has grown significantly in the last ten years all over the world. The first example of school is located inSheffield (Fm Sport College) and offers physical preparation, proper training, tactics, learning how to play, real matches, mental preparation, video analysis, a three week camp at Valencia F.C. and many more. Conditions are top rated with grass fields, fitness room, changing rooms and gymnasium. All teenagers will have a complete medical check.

Our second example of schools of football for teenagers is offered by Sunderland A.F.C (England) and Empoli F.C (Italy). During the first year the students will have a program of technical and tactical evaluation, and after each year will be a final try-out. During the second year the chosen players will get the chance to undertake a yearlong test at one of the two clubs.  If the player meets all requirements during the third year he will get an official membership card and a contact number. Also Empoli F.C offers high school program and university while Sunderland F.C offers a College program. The programs offer education, lunch, training, dinner and rest or social activity. During all these three years managers, talented scouts, trainers and coaches will give an equal chance to all players to develop into real footballers and plan them a future into the club. Empoli F.C also offers all types of training kit like bag, winter coat, representation playsuit, soccer shorts, training suits, gloves, hat, football socks, football shirt, sweatshirt and customized jersey.


The examples of schools can continue and I would like to add other well known schools like F.C Chelsea school, Arsenal F.C school,ManchesterCityschool, La Masia school (F.C Barcelona), Real Madrid Castilla school, A.C Milan school, Clairefontaine (France) and the list may just be endless.

Schools of football for teenagers are good opportunity for every kid to grow healthy under a certain program and education. Sport is a very important fact for every kid life and these academies offer a real opportunity for proper training and a bright future for the soccer lovers. I would like to add that the academies are a step forward into the education of teenagers because years ago many footballers dropped school just to follow their dream into developing into a professional footballer.  We all know how important education is and not to forget that education can help the player into making better decisions on the football pitch. Schools of football for teenagers are located in every country you just have to choose for the best.