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Top 3 Exercises For Football Manager

Published at 01/23/2012 08:35:57


Other than music, football is the only medium that can be called a universal language that breaks down obstacles that lie between races, countries, religions, creed, castes and other socio-economic backgrounds. It is one of the most played and viewed sports in the world. The financial compensation given to all those associated with the game is also one of the highest in the sporting industry. This includes the football manger, football players and staff. Since it is loved by all people in every street of every city of every country over the globe, there is powerful competition in the game and a wide array of squads and leagues have been set up with the governing body FIFA regularizing all activities.


A football manager or coach is essential to the game and can be called the backbone of the team since he is the one who has to overlook each player’s attributes, define strategies accordingly, deal with each player on a one-to-one basis, talk to the media, train his players and finally hold everyone together – creating proper chemistry on and off the field. The managers also carry the role of buying and selling of player’s contracts – something which takes a chunk out of the team’s earnings. Some of the managers are more popular, if not more than some of the players they manage. One of the most recognizable and beloved faces in football management is of the Manchester United football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.


Top 3 Exercises For  Football Manager

As is with other sports, the football manager has been around since the game’s inception and carries immense duties and burdens. And similar to the game’s players, the football manager also has to be constantly trained and exercised so he can perform at his best and contribute towards the success of the team. The football manager has to be well-versed in the disciplines of human resource, organizational behavior and management since running a team is akin to running a business or an office. This formal or informal education will help the coach deal with his players more effectively, utilizing what he has learnt. Additionally, he could himself study or employ a psychologist to gain a better understanding of his player’s minds and thought process; helping them through catharsis along the way. Football managers should also take advantage of the latest technology at their disposal and hone their management skill set through various computerized software that have sprung up with regards to football management. These include online games such as “Fantasy Football” and others like “Football Manager”. Further training can be taken from other business management software and age-old techniques like simply talking it out with the players to make the decisions everyone considers the best and are on-board with.

Tips and comments

It is recommended that football managers are patient with their players, considering both go through the same amount of stress and keeping in mind that the athletes are the ones to perform rigorous physical activity under pressure. The coaches are also advised to not hide any grievances with the players or to carry any sort of bias or prejudice to ensure effective working of the team.