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What You Should Know About Football Purdue

Published at 04/05/2012 19:36:10


Football in Purdue refers to a very famous and important football team that plays in Purdue University. It has been given a nickname which is “Boilermakers”. This name was kept for this team back in 1891 when the team defeated Wabash College in that year. That game was the start of Purdue football successes. Since then this team has made history at all levels. Crawfordsville team was swept off the ground in the game and the local newspaper gave this name to Purdue football players. In 1896 this team joined the Big ten conference association and then started to win the championships. They won many of these championships in rows.


Of all the appearances Purdue football team has made one recent was in 2011 in Western Michigan University. This game was also a clean sweep and the team won the game with ease. After that game Purdue football team has actually survived very well as one of the greatest football teams.
There are some traditions that are followed by Purdue football, like the marching band which was developed just to make the team happier and, to bring the energy inside them. This band started with few members but in 1905 its members then increased to 50 in number. There is also an official mascot for the football team which was designed after some years when the Purdue team actually started to get successes and achievements.


Indiana University is Purdue football main rival team with whom its games are worth watching. Then the Big Ten started off with a new tradition of teams to be played with every year. According to the number of teams increasing day by day these the rules stated that every team must play two rival teams few games in a year. The Indiana team and the team of Northwestern were in the Purdue group. After the Big ten got expanded the teams these three teams were separated. In 2011 Purdue football got into the group of Iowa team.

Tips and comments

The uniform of Purdue football is in two colors. These colors are old gold and black. “P” is written on their shirts and helmets so as to show which team they belong to. This uniform really suits the players however the position of “P” has been changed numerous times over the years. This uniform has also been a sort of luck for them. For instance after losing a game to the Bowling Green at home only, the color of the jersey was changed to the old color. It was decided that the gold color must be removed and the same old black color must be used again.
In these recent years Purdue football has been performing very satisfactory giving a tight competition to all the teams in front of them. The student Purdue University waits restlessly for the upcoming games and the ground is always filled with the supporters of this team. Purdue university has managed to bring up one of the best university level teams in the state.