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What You Should Know About Football Division

Published at 04/05/2012 19:47:27


Conference division football in the UK is a football league which consists of 3 divisions. The names of these divisions are Conference National , Conference South, and Conference North. Some of them are fully skilled conferences like York city, but mostly are semi specialists.


Conference National is 5th and lowest of the all the five nationwide division football in the UK. It is under the Premier League and the 3 division football league. On the other hand Conference North and Conference South from the 6th rank of UK football.
The Football division Conference is the top of National League System which is a complete structure combining almost fifty leagues of division football under the protection of The Football Association . Conference National is at Rank 1 of the National League System, and Conference South and Conference North are on Rank 2.

There are total twenty four clubs of Conference National. North division football and South division football have twenty two. Every club plays two times with the other club in its football division. And club plays once at home and once outside the home. If club wins then it gets 3 points, for loss no point and 1 point for both teams to draw.



End of the session only 2 clubs in football division are upgraded to the conference National to Football league two and two club teams go out from the National league. The promotion place is given to the winners of the Football National league championship.

On the other end, the bottom of the four football clubs in the Conference National league is out to either Conference south or Conference north. Teams which have become out in the competition are replaced by 4 upgraded football club teams of division football, two from Conference North and two from the Conference South. Each of the two football leagues it will be the winners and champions of playoffs b/w the 2nd to 5th place football clubs.

Tips and Comments

The Division Football Conference UK was founded in 1979 from top football club teams in the South Premier League and North League. It is actually known as an alliance premier league. Its founders names are AP Lamington, Altrincham, Bath City, Barrow, Bangor City, Boston United, Barnet, Gravesend & North fleet, Maid stone United, Nun Eaton Borough, Kettering Town, Scarborough, Northwick Victoria, Red ditch United, Telford United, Wealdstone, Worcester City, Stafford Rangers, Yeovil Town, Weymouth.
Barrow and Northwick were the members of The Football league previously. Bangor City has since gone to the Welsh division football league system, while, Maidstone, AP Leamington, Nuneaton, Telford, and Scarborough break and had to be rebuilt in the lower division football leagues in the UK.

Talking about the conference division football in UK coverage the Setanta sports were providing the services for this. Setanta showed seventy nine matches every season. Conference League Cup was also shown by this channel as well. The FA Trophy Final was telecasted also on Setanta Sports, before sky which is introduced in 2008. Premier Sports announced that it had bought the live English TV rights for 30 matches per season from the CN (conference national) for thirty seasons exclusively.