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The Unique Advantages Of Football And Cricket

Published at 02/03/2012 04:29:08


Nobody knows the exact origin of cricket but the game of cricket officially got started in 1844. Cricket was invented by the English men and then gradually gained fame all around the world and now there are many countries around the globe who love to play and watch cricket. Cricket is the game played between two teams having 11 members each. Cricket is specifically famous in the Asian territory.


Football game originated in 1863, when it got separated from Rugby. Before that both games were considered as one. And Football is nowadays the most beloved game all around the world. There are billions of people that love to play and watch football.

Cricket and football go head to head. There are billions of followers of both the games. Everyone has got its own reason for liking and disliking any particular game but despite of the competition between both the games there are number of benefits that both these games provide. Some of those benefits are as follows.


Fitness Benefits:

Nobody can deny the fitness benefits of both the sports. Cricket and football require stamina and physical strength. There is a prominent increase in the strength as well as stamina for the participants of football and cricket matches. You got to be physically fit in order to look smart. So football and cricket make you look smart.

Mental Fitness:

Both the sports have got many benefits other than the physical ones. The mental strength is very essential in every walk of life. There many situations in life where we have to take some quick and wise decisions and when you need a fair coordination of your body to excel. Both Cricket and football enhance the mental strength of the participants, they make them strong physically and mentally as well. So we can conclude that football and cricket are such sort of games that make you think and feel smart.


Football and cricket both are team sports. All the players must work and coordinate with each other in order to put a competitive effort. All the players discuss different strategies for their game. This enhances their social skill. Social skills are very important in life as we know man is a social animal and he needs a society for its survival. Therefore, it is quite vital for the youth to have such skills in order to face the world.

Business Opportunities:

There are lot of business opportunities associated with the game of football and cricket. Cricket and football not only provide entertainment to the spectators but also facilitate them in many ways to earn money and revenue. The country hosting the matches has got some bright opportunities to earn revenue through these tournaments. So football and cricket are not just sports, they are business for some of the segments of population.

Tips and comments

Keeping in view all the advantages of football and cricket, it can be suggested to the youngsters to spend their time and energy in the sports that are really worthwhile rather than spending their time watching movies and playing computer games, as these games not only provide entertainment but also many other benefits that can help them in their future lives.