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Rules And Regulations Of Football Sport

Basics of foot Ball

At its very basic, football sport is the game which is played between two teams each contains eleven players. Football match time length is 90 minutes. This time period is split into halves each of 45 minute. The basic objective of the game is to score more ‘goals’ than the opponent team. The term ‘goal’ refers to two areas either side of the pitch, each one defended by one of the teams. A ‘goal’ is scored by depositing the ball into the opponent’s area. The team play best football sport wins the game.

The Rules and Regulations of football

To play the best football sport one must know the following football rules:

Field of play:

Football sport is played on natural or artificial surface.

The shape of the field is always rectangular, with the dimensions of 90-120 meters long by 45-90 meters wide.

The guidelines for international matches are stricter (100-110 meters x 64-75 meters)

Goal Area:

Goal area is defined as 5.5 meters from each goalpost and extends 5.5 meters out, with the two lines joining vertically

Penalty Area:

Penalty area starts 16.5 meters from each goalpost and extends 16.5 meters out, with the two lines joining vertically.

Flag post:

Flag post is placed at each corner of ground, with a quarter-circle on the field. This quarter circle is usually of 1 meter in radius.


It is 7.32 meter area between the posts, and 2.44 meters high. The posts cannot exceed 5 inches in width.

The ball:

The ball to play the best football is naturally spherical, with a circumference of 27-28 inches.

Some more Rules

Number of players:

There are total eleven players in each side. One is classified as the goalkeeper and permitted to grasp or handle the ball in his team’s penalty area. There is a concept of substitute players. Eleven players are supplemented by the option to bring on a maximum of three substitutes from a pre-decided list of three to seven players (the number of substitutes permitted is slightly higher for international friendly matches).

In order to bring on a substitute, the referee must first be informed and then there has to be a break in the play (for example, a free-kick or a throw-in). The substitute then comes on as a replacement for one of the 11 current players.


To play best football sport basic equipment is the team jersey, shorts, shin guards with socks and studded boots or trainers depending on the surface. The goalkeeper is also permitted gloves and a different colored jersey for identification purposes.

Duration of the match:

The match officially lasts 90 minutes in total, split into two halves of 45-minute with an interval of half-time which is no longer than 15 minutes.


A team can only score if the whole ball crosses the goal line between the goalposts.

Fouls and misconduct:

A foul can take place anywhere on the pitch, and a free kick is awarded where that foul takes place (excepting fouls in the penalty area, which result in a penalty kick).

By following these rules one can play best football sport.

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