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The trends in football today

Published at 01/25/2012 15:57:26

History of Football:

The origin of the world’s most popular sport spans more than 100 years. It is believed to be started in 1863 before that Rugby and Football today were considered to be the same sport some people used to play with the ball by throwing it into the air while the others liked to play it by rolling it onto the ground. But after 1863 Football today and Rugby were out to be the two different sports.


Gradually both of the sports made their own place in the sports and games but Football today excelled Rugby and became one of the most popular sports of the world. No other sport is being played and watched by so many people. It is not only the favorite sport in Europe but in fact is popular all around the globe. There are about 3000-4000 people who watch football today match. With the growing fame of football today it attracted many new followers and gradually different football trends keep on emerging with respect to time and need.

Football trends:

Football trends have been emerged over time let us see some of the football trends today:

Football equipments:

Football helmets have continually been evolved since the beginning of the game to more safely protect the player. Helmets have transitioned from leather to plastic to plastic with a facemask on it. The helmets that players used to wear in the old days were not that safe as most of helmets are these days. The latest helmet trend has been evolved keeping in mind the player safety and looks as well to compete with the latest fashion trends as well.

Football shoes have also been evolved over time different football trends have forced the shoe makers to go with the flow of trends. The football shoes today are more stylish and more comfortable than the shoes that were shoes few decades back.

Similarly the kits have also been changed with the flow of football trends. Today different kits are available in market keeping in mind the different playing conditions.

Besides all these football trends that have emerged over betting has also become a prominent football trend these days. Millions of people are betting on different football matches.

Statistical trends

No one will deny the fact that there are strong statistical trends in football match results. The winning ratio of a home team is around 45% of all matches, the team playing away from its home wins around 25-30%, and 25-30% of matches are draws. These results have been gathered from hundreds of matches played over the course of a season while thousands of matches that are played over several seasons), but still the results may show some variations from the gathered facts and stats. The bookmakers are also aware of these facts and figures and they may turn the tables around according to their benefit.

Due to the popularity of this game many different football trends keep on evolving over time keeping in mind the players safety and the fashion trends as well.