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Best football training programs

Published at 01/25/2012 15:55:29

Why training football?

Football can require strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness. To achieve all these different qualities one needs a complete training football. Here we’ll try to explain what could be the best training football workout for a football player looking for maximum strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness.

Training football programs:

At the beginning it is always suggested doing a proper warm up consisting of running and stretching to get muscles warm up. Now to get above described five things the training football program is the weight lifting of upper, lower and full body. One day for plyometrics and one day for speed and agility workout.

Now below is the brief description of these training programs;

Upper Body:

Exercises for upper body consists Flat Bench Press, Incline DB Press, Rows, Shrugs, Military Press.

Lower Body:

Exercises for Lower body contains Squats, Front Squats, Dead lifts, Leg Curls , Calf Raises.

Full Body/Explosiveness:

Exercises for Lower body contains Push Press, Power Cleans, Snatches, Abs

Note: You can throw in your own abdominal routine here.

For Acceleration:

The best suggestion for training football program of speed, agility or acceleration can be;

A five minute jog and dynamic stretching to get warm up. We first start with acceleration sprints, this focus on shorter distances focusing to hitting top speed. Now we focus more to maintaining that speed and trying to build on it. I don't really suggest using more than 60-meter sprints, because realistically, it's not every day you will be running the length of the field at full speed. Speed can be 4x40m Sprints or 3x60m Sprints. Agility plays a large role in many positions. Agility is the ability to make cuts and run side to side on the field, and preferably without losing balance. Never do multiple speed and agility trainings one day after the other as it will be very taxing on your body. Also, refrain from doing cardio after a speed workout as they are opposite working forms of running, and doing long distance cardio may slow down the progress of your speed training.


Plyometrics helps to build and maintain the elasticity in the muscles. They play a large role in improving strength, explosiveness, speed and jumping ability. Plyometrics can be done as another workout on the same day as the speed training football, nor the day before or after.

The plyometrics contain the exercises Depth jumps, Vertical jumps, one leg jumps, Power skips, double leg jumps, Squat jumps.

As a caution never perform the cardio after the plyometric in speed training football.

Best Routine:

The best way to set up this routine is to do upper body on Monday, lower body on Wednesday, full body on Friday and speed training on Sunday.

Who Would Benefit:

Any footballer can benefit from a training football program like this. A footballer will require most of these abilities. Some may be based more on strength, where others would be for speed, but it definitely offers a variety of core abilities. However this is one best training football plan for an average person to get strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness, which are the very basic necessities for a person to be a footballer.