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What You Should Know About Football By Women

Published at 04/04/2012 17:18:50


Football is a very energetic game with some definite rules and regulations. Previously it was considered only to be the game for men due to the strenuous activities and exercises performed in this game. However with the changing paradigms the notion of this game was also changed. Now it is equally popular among women as it is among men. In fact many good female players are known by football. Playing football is not a difficult task. The only thing one should know is the basic rules of the game and the conditions which are required to be followed during playing the game. Only in this way you can be recognized by football.


As in case of football for men, the rule for winning or losing the game is same which is based on the number of points in the end of game. In the game the team having more points at the end is considered as the winner. Basically all the game is played by football and its quality matters a lot while playing. Playing football is very simple and amazing. However it is a little bit of complicated in some cases as well. Presently there are many famous female players who are recognized by football game which they play and the skills which they use in the game while playing. Therefore we can say that it is not only the men but women also who have mastered this game and play it very well.


There are some basic principles of the game which are common in case of football for both men and women. These principles are set by football players and experts. The basic and common principles of the game are made very simple. In case football game being played by women, the game is consisting of four quarters each of which is consisting of fifteen minutes. The time periods of the quarters are also set by football experts.

Tips and comments

In principle the game consists of 3 complete hours. However the four quarters of the game set by football experts do not make up 3 hours in total. But there is a lot of time spent between the phenomena such as scoring, clock stopping, time outs and other such important phenomena. This calculation of time can be easily done by football spectators. It is surprising to know how the time of four quarters is extended to 3 hours. The same rules are followed in case of football for men as well as women.
There is also a break set by football experts between the quarters of the game. There is a three minute break after ending of the first and third quarter. In addition to this there is a fifteen minutes break after the second quarter when the match reaches exactly at halfway. After the breaks the match is resumed where it was paused before the break. This is ensured by football match referee. However this is not so when the game s resumed after the ending of first half. When the second half begins, the match is started afresh. It does not matter where the ball was initially or who had it.