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What You Should Know About Pc Football

Published at 04/06/2012 17:44:19


To start with, the computer is used for several purposes among which include; listening to music, watching movies, carrying out research work, for playing games, for saving data to mention but a few. Among the various games found on the computer is pc football, and it is played by millions of people worldwide who have got access to computers and love the game of football. Also pc football is played by all types of people including the young, the old, the rich and the poor, people of varied ethnicity and culture, religion, and all races.


Adding to that, pc football can be played everywhere where there is a computer with an internet connection, this include; at home, in offices, at schools, at organizations among others. This is usually done during the spare time of this people or when they are less busy. Again pc football may be played by one person against the computer or by two people against themselves, one person selecting a particular team and the other selecting a different team. It may also be played by a group of persons; such that when a person is removed that is, when his team is beaten he is replaced by another person.


Furthermore, pc football may be played on line by two different persons who have never met in real life. It is usually set such that one person may be asked for a challenge by a different person residing at a different place. They may be living in thousands of distance apart, such that one may be living in Africa whilst the other person living in Europe. There are many types of football that can be played in different football arena. Pc football is easy to play since it follows the normal rules of football, with the only exception being that it is played on the computer and that’s not contain real life footballers but cartoons.

Tips and comments

Also, in pc football just like professional football or soccer the winner is determined by the number of goals scored. This means that when an individual uses a particular team against another team and scores more goals than the other person then he ends up been the winner. For a person to be good at pc football, then he must know the remote keys very well, since it is the remote keys he uses in controlling the players. Some of the functions of the keys include; dribbling key, kicking or shooting key, passing key and the ball control key.

Lastly, the game of pc football as a result of increase in computer and internet technology keeps on improving and exciting and among them include FIFA 11, FIFA 12, FIFA 08, FIFA 10, and football manager 2010. These football games can be downloaded from the internet. It is therefore important that a lover of pc football know the kind of game model that he wants. When this is done, the football games become more exciting and enjoyable. There is an international football game tournament organized by FIFA which is played by representatives of countries worldwide.