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What You Should Know About Stickers Football

Published at 04/05/2012 16:05:24


Football stickers are drawings, designs, swastikas, pictures or marks that resemble any football club, football history, players and football competitions. Football stickers are widely used by soccer lovers to portray the clubs they support, football players they admire, football competitions they sponsor or represent. What you should know about stickers football include their importance, resemblance, how they are designed and the cost of having one.


Football stickers are used world-wide at domestic, national and international football competitions. They are used by football sponsors, players, supporters, organizers, football club owners and football marketers. Football stickers are used for different reasons and to array different messages to the public.


Football stickers are used by football players and are put on their football kits. If you play for Manchester United, obviously you would be required to wear a football uniform with the club’s colors and badges. This obviously shows where you belong. Also, supporters of any football team are identified by wearing team regalia and carrying team flags that has the club’s stickers and colors. In fact, football stickers are used to identify you with the club that you support. Some staunch supporters go as far as putting a football sticker and logo on their private cars as a way of showing their loyalty to that football club.

Football stickers are used to show support to individual players, football coaches and football legends. It is common among supporters to wear football jerseys that bear the name and club number of the player whom they support and admire. A notable example is of Real Madrid football club supporter wearing a number seven jersey written C. Ronaldo. This is a way of showing their support to the game of football specifically Ronaldo and Real Madrid. Some people even put pictures of soccer legends in their homes and work places in order to identify themselves with the football club they support.

Football stickers are designed in accordance with the football club’s regulations as well as to your wish. Football clubs have a special way of stickers on their club kits which you should master and follow if you are a soccer fanatic. Also, football trophies are designed according to the sponsor’s specifications and obviously with the picture of a ball on it. The world cup trophy replica is easily identified by a world map and a ball on it. Football stickers are found and bought from football clubs and football shops outlets. You can visit any football shop and buy a picture of your favorite footballer, flag and jerseys of your football team.

Tips and comments

Football stickers are used to generate income for the club from sales. If you buy any football regalia from a football shop, you will indirectly increase the revenue of your club because a certain percentage of the income is channeled to the club. In football history, football stickers are used by soccer lovers to express their support. A football sticker is the best way of showing your support to a football team and to identify your co-supporters.