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What You Should Know About Football Up

Published at 04/06/2012 01:06:38


Football up is another game of Sports or football genre that offers itself as an alternative to actual football games. It is a football simulation game designed for one to four players, developed and published by EnjoyUp Games. It is available for the WII console and Nintendo 3DS. The game is rated as E for everyone. The game has a pricing of 500 Nintendo Wii Points. This game was released on 22nd December 2011 (USA, UK, and EU) for the console and the required accessory to play this game is a Wiimote. The feature support includes Mii support and Local Multiplayer. This game is available in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Game Features

Football Up is a retro style game. It is an entertaining and enjoyable football game where you have total control over the movement of your players and the game play. The game play of Football Up offers amazing visual graphics, extraordinary game play commentary, a great interface and guarantees a great time to any video game passionate. The game features realistic effects like ball inertia and other ball physics, which ensures real life like control of the ball and the players and the game making the game a huge success and fun. Besides playing against the AI, there is also the local multiplayer option of the game. It allows you to add up to four players to play in a co-op game or in a competitive mode. The game features national teams, and you can play in the world cup using these teams. Apart from all these the game offers different camera angles, player index position locator, radar, and other visually appealing features.

Game Play

Apart from being a fun filled game, Football Up is fairly easy to play. You have full control of your players and the ball. The game allows you to make long and short passes and control your shots by adjusting the height, spin and power of your shots and passes. Interception of passes is also another feature that spice up the game play. You control your players and dribble the ball past the opponent defenders, fake the goalkeeper and put the ball behind the net to score the goal and become the football legend. Every game has a national team, if you want more you can also create your own teams via the editor in a matter of seconds, just chose a name for your team, get the necessary equipments and import Mii characters from the Mii channel and use them as players.

Game Summary

The game offers control, precision, sensibility and a great Artificial intelligence interface that make Football Up a perfect choice of any football enthusiast. Or it may be for any gamer in general who enjoys challenges and accurate and detailed game play simulation in his console. The Star of the Game is you; with the full liberty to control all features of the game, it is up to you to become the legend of the game. The game is rated with 6 out of 10 stars by IGN.