Top Ten Tips For Football Birthday
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Top Ten Tips For Football Birthday

Published at 01/25/2012 07:03:11


Top Ten Tips For Football Birthday

Football birthday parties! What comes to your mind when you hear this phrase? A cake shaped like a football, football uniforms and a football field perhaps? These days, new birthday party themes have been adopted for celebrating birthdays of little children as well as teenagers. A football birthday party is loved by any boy who dies to watch every match of football on television. Such boys insist on having a football birthday party. This theme would increase the number of boys coming to the party and would also encourage other boys to think about such ideas for their birthdays.


Top Ten Tips For Football Birthday

At first, birthday parties of the children were quite simple and sophisticated. There was no need to spend a large amount of your income for planning your child’s birthday. But now, with more awareness, children insist on having extravagant birthday parties. Such parties have different themes specially selected for the birthday party. The “football” theme is a favorite among all the themes for the boys. The football birthday party has some special features that show the birthday child’s love for football. Special carpets designed like the football field are bought for a single football birthday party. The snacks provided to the guests are no longer made at home. There are special caterers hired for the comfort of the guests.


The most attractive feature on a football birthday party is the cake. For this particular theme, a special cake is designed on order that is shaped like a football. The vibrant colors of the crèmes on top of the cake look delicious. The cake has the name of the birthday boy written on top of it. This is written in black color, giving the impression of the design on the football. Other than that, for creating an ambiance of the football field, special carpets designed like the football field are placed in the main room of the house. In the center of this field, a round table is placed to put the cake on. The birthday boy cuts the cake and blows all the candles, and the cheers of the guests feel like the cheers of the football fans. All these special arrangements and the attitude of the guests make a football birthday party very attractive.

Tips and comments

For having a great football birthday party, there are several things that need to be bought. These things include the carpets that have the design of a football field. Then you have to get a special cake designed that needs to be in the shape of a football. The birthday boy can wear the uniform of a football captain and his friends can wear the uniforms of the team members. This would make the birthday boy feel very special. A football birthday party must have the spirit of a football team. They should be as cheery and as optimistic as the team itself. Other than that, the father of the birthday boy could become the coach of the football team. This way he would be able to command them in doing any activity.