What You Should Know About Football History
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What You Should Know About Football History

Published at 04/06/2012 18:37:50


What You Should Know About Football History

Football is one of the most popular games played in today’s sports world. Basically, there is a difference in football played in the United States and the football played in almost all the other countries of the world. Rugby is considered to be the football of the American people, whereas to the others soccer is generally termed as football. Whatever might be the difference, soccer – generally known as football though has a very vivid football history, but it actually has a very shady evolution. Various rumors exist as to how football came into origin. Numerous people who are working on football history and its evolution have various explanations. Various people say that football is associated more with rugby than with soccer, while others differ completely. Whatever might be the case, few important facts regarding football history must be known to all of us. This not only increases our knowledge on the game of football, but also increases our respect to the vivid history it possesses.


The football history dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman sports in the 380 B.C. There are numerous accounts especially in the form of playwrights, which states that Roman game of Harpastum and Greek game of Episkyros used to resemble the game of football that we play in the modern days. Various forms of confusion exist regarding the games that were played during those days. A group of historians states that the game was played with foot and hence the name football was used. Others link those games directly with the evolution of cricket in the modern days. But during the 150 C that is 215 A.D (Christian theologian era) the game played resembled more to Rugby football rather than to the modern soccer.

There are many other accounts in the football history about the game being played by numerous different types of people all over the world. An English explorer by the name of John Davies went to play football along with his crew in Greenland in the year 1586. Various other countries and continents had football as a sport in their culture too. These places include Australia, some parts of Europe and even places in China. China in the 3rd and 1st century B.C used this game of football in the military camps both as a source of entertainment and as a test of strength and agility.

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In the football history various rulers tried to end the game in their countries by bringing in laws and enforcements. For example both king Edward 2 and Edward 3 tried to ban the game in England by making laws. But their tries were never successful.

Ireland, especially Trinity College, Dublin and Cambridge in England had a huge contribution of introducing football in their educational institutions too, in the football history.


Later on, according to the source of FIFA, football history even became vivid with introduction of the game in English public schools where the game became very popular. In today’s world football is played everywhere and in every part of this world.