How To Dress For a Football Game
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How To Dress For a Football Game

Published at 01/25/2012 07:19:34


How To Dress For a Football Game

Thinking to look absolutely fabulous on this season’s football game and do not have anything in particular to wear? Stop thinking and leave your wardrobe to us for now as we suggest you ten great looks that you can coordinate and pull off at a football game with all heads turning around to look at you. Keeping in mind the style statement of a football game itself, the audience also wishes to carry an equally hip style statement to enjoy the match even more. As the theme for any football game goes hip and sporty, you can choose from a variety of looks to suit yourself such as football maniac, sophisticated charmer, laidback attitude and dress to kill along with many more. With all of these fabulous looks are locked right here, you need just the right key to open it. So, keep on reading!

Step 1

The history of football dates even before 388 BC when the first depiction of football was actually found by archeologists. Originated by the ancient Romans and Greeks, a football was shown in not just one but many carvings of the ancient time. These football games not only show a simple man near a football but also a number of tricks that are popular even today. As the game evolved and gained its fame through the years, it became one of the most awaited game for all, especially the elite which turned the game into a style statement. Being the most stylish game from then till date, football was initially played in simple uniforms while the audience dressed splendidly. As the time passed by, the elegance and the enthusiasm of dressing up for these games became more and more important with the changing trends and styles.

Step 2

As far as dressing for a football game in today’s world is concerned, following the high fashion trends is just the way to go with it. For men, one can always team up their favorite football team’s polo with a pair of classic Levi’s and a one colored p-cap to go with it. in case they don’t want to wear a supporting team’s tee or polo, they can always go for an open button down shirt over a plain crew neck tee and the jeans can be switched to khakis or knee-length shorts. These options of dressing up can also be applied to young and toddler boys with cute shorts, tees and p-caps.

Step 3

For women, you can always find a chic pair of knee-high boots worn with a pair or fine fitted shorts, denim or cotton paired with the supporting team’s tank top, polo or a decent white blouse. Women can also wear a nice pair of jeans with the mentioned set of tops and blouses whereas little girls and baby girls can always dress up in their smart casual attire that they feel most comfortable in due to their changing moods. A football game is also usually very loud so the comfort of your kid is very important.


How To Dress For a Football Game

No matter what or how you choose to dress for a football game, you always need to keep in mind the ‘dress to impress’ phrase. As for most of the people, casual looks are most commonly carried out to enjoy the game to the fullest without being over burdened by their dressy clothes. Be it an old pal or a hot mama, smart casuals are the best choice for any foot game for any gender. So, stop worrying now and team up your favorite pair of jeans or shorts with that smart vintage blouse hanging in your closet for years!

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