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Foundational Exercises For Monday Football

Published at 01/25/2012 22:58:30


Football needs no introduction. It is a game every American has grown up watching and loving, the Super Bowl being among the most anticipated events of the year, every year. Football Monday is a broadcast that runs on ESPN for quite a while and every Monday night, millions of people worldwide gather around their tv screens to watch scheduled match ups between state teams of the United States. Games with such a huge following tend to be played by fans just as frequently they are watched and so football Monday has become an event for some groups of fans (different ages). Being followed like a ritual in certain households as first it is played in the afternoon and then watched on ESPN at night. But it is necessary to keep in mind that although watching football cannot be so dangerous, playing it can be and the risk of injury can be minimized by properly exercising first.


The roots of football can be traced back to the early days of rugby. The “father of football” is a title that can be given to Walter Camp, a rugby player who pioneered rule changes to form the shape of the game as it is today. Although much has changed since his active life time (in the 1880’s) he is accredited for the famous seven man defensive line up which we see in every game, along with many other things. Walter Camp did not just stop at playing, he coached as well and he was very critical of fitness. He was and advisor to the US Army in World War 1 and made troops perform an exercise routine called the “Daily Dozen” and they included some foundational exercises to keep the troops fit for long walks and runs.


Foundational exercises help you build core muscles that you may require based on the level of fitness you require or the situations you expect to be put in. For example, a football player is always required to be bulky. The more muscle the better because every player, from the wide receiver to the quarter back need to tackle someone on the opposing team at some point and the more strength they have, the easier it will be for them to tackle the opponent and on the contrary, it will be just as difficult to take down a stronger athlete. Thus football Monday should begin with a comprehensive exercise routine consisting of stretches, warm up jogs, sprints and if possible and depending on how serious the match at hand is a little weight training. For those who are not a hue fan of weights, there are always other ways to build up muscle mass like push ups, chin ups and squats.

Tips and comments

Football Monday is a classical American which is enhanced and enjoyed with the passing of old and the coming of new generations. It allows families, friends and even co workers to unite and enjoy a mutual liking. But if not careful, football Monday can also turn into a pretty ugly memory because numerous examples exists of athletes that become permanently disabled in some way or become ineligible to play because of an injury sustained during play. It must be kept in mind at all times that proper exercises should be done to warm up players; especially the more unfit ones and the game should be played with a good sportsman spirit to make the experience more memorable.