How To Watch University Football
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How To Watch University Football

Published at 01/31/2012 15:10:27


How To Watch University Football

There just is something about American football that is hard to put a finger on. They say rugby is a sport of hooligans played by gentlemen, and football a sport of gentlemen played by hooligans. You can’t believe everything you hear since some of the finest men have been associated with football. Football is a passion that you cannot take away from the people no matter what you choose to say. People have shed tears on losses, and celebrated from the bottom of their hearts on victories. Football is one of those sports that is known to have united people and in several cases resolved disputes simply because of the mutual love that people have for the game. University football is much common in most towns all around America and is appreciated just as much. A great part of the population is known to follow university football with much interest.

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American football is known to have been invented by Walter Camp in 1876. American football has certainly been derived from rugby, except, some rules were changed and some were added. Due to Walter Camp’s genius idea of the game, he is also sometimes credited as the “Father of American Football”. University football, in contrast, is played on a smaller level and usually as an extra-curricular activity. Much of the students use an opportunity like this to show off their mad skills. Every year, you will find students giving their best shot at the game to get noticed by the public; this sometimes leads to state teams recruiting the students they are most impressed by. Just because university football of this level is not as exposed does not mean it is any less exciting than what you would normally expect.

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Since many university football games are not broadcasted on television, it becomes difficult to follow the games. With increasing interest in football games played at university level tournaments, much of the recorded highlights are being uploaded onto the internet.

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Therefore, the internet, particularly YouTube, is the best website to find a game that you wish to watch. There are several other websites that even broadcast the games live, but that is mostly when much interest is displayed from the greater part of the public. The other option of course is to find the time to actually go and watch the game. This is a little difficult to do though since this means purchasing the ticket, and maybe even giving up work to make time for the game.


How To Watch University Football

Cutting right to the chase, there is no other way to watch university football. Perhaps, this is what you could call a test of passion. Although you do not have to call in sick at work to prove how much you love the game, but at the same time, if you do decide to do that, then that would be totally awesome because university football is a man’s honor. Men are most vulnerable when they are deeply involved in a good game. Therefore, every idiotic decision they make to find time to watch a game is justified.

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