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The Rules Of Football Field

Published at 02/07/2012 20:34:45


Football is the most popular sport anywhere in the world, and for some people, this game has no secrets. In countries like Brazil or in Europe, children can be found on the field football as early as the age of five, but if you are not familiar with this game, here are the basic rules of field football.


Each team is formed by 11 players and a coach that has the role of coordinating the team. The coach has an important role, even if he isn’t allowed on the field football, as he decides the strategy and the changes that must be made in the team and the training program.
The referee is an impartial person that has to make sure that the rules of the game are respected. The players don’t have the right to contest the decisions of the referee, and even if referees make mistakes often, this is considered as being part of the field football charm.
One of the players is called the goalkeeper, and his role is to keep the balls out of his net. The goalkeeper has a special training program, and he is one of the most important members of the team.


The main purpose of the game is to score a goal in the net of the opponent team. However, the field football rules must be respected. One of the most important rules that make a difference between football, rugby and the American football is that the players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands, besides the goalkeeper. However, the goalkeeper only has the right to catch the ball using his hands in his own penalty area.
One of the most important aspects of a football game are the spectators. They are considered the 12th player, as they are able to give a boost for the home team. in fact, on some stadiums where the fans are warm and always connected with the team, it is really hard for the opponent teams to win. In fact, the players get to the field football for the spectators, so they should be considered as an important part of the game.

Tips and comments

The game of football is considered a fair play game where contacts and fouls must be avoided. The referee decides when a player fouls the player of the opposite team. In case the player has committed a severe foul, the referee can book the respective player with a yellow card. For the second yellow card during the same match, the player takes a red card, and he is out of the game. In some cases, when the player is not disciplined, when he makes rude gestures to the public, or when he commits a dangerous foul, the referee will show the respective player a red card.
Unfortunately, video replays are not accepted as methods to take decisions on the field football, and this is why some decisions of the referees are so controversial. However, it seems like videos will be introduced as evidences in the near future, and this method will surely clarify a large number of controversies about this game.