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How To Sell Autographed Football?

Published at 02/02/2012 03:28:08


Autographed footballs are popular collectors items. If you have an autographed football that you no longer want and would like to sell, you can do so in a variety of different ways. Websites are a convenient way to sell items from home. However, if you would like to sell the football to someone in your community, consider placing local ads.

Selling an Autographed Football Online

Online Auctions

Sell your autographed football on an online auction site such as eBay. Take several photos of the autographed football. Make sure at least one is a close up of the actual autograph. Load these photos on your computer and save them in a folder on your desktop so they are easy to find. Register for an eBay account or sign in to the website if you already have an account. Navigate through the website to find the page that allows you to list items for sale. Upload the photos of the autographed football. Write a short description that describes the condition of the football. You may also want to describe how the autographed football was obtained. If you have any certificates of authenticity or other items that will be sold with the autographed football, include pictures and descriptions of them as well. Choose how much you want to sell the football for. If you want to auction the football, choose a starting price. If you want to offer the football as a "Buy It Now" item, choose the price. Enter the price you will charge to ship the item and the price of insurance. Look over your listing and if it is correct, submit it to eBay. One the autographed football has been purchased, ship it to the buyer.


Social Networks

If you are a member of a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, list your autographed football for sale on your profile. Upload a picture of the football and a few details about it including the price. Your social network friends will be able to see the photo and description and can decide if they would like to purchase it. You can work out the details of the purchase on the social site or exchange information and contact each other by phone or email. You can also often find community pages where members can list items they have for sale. List your item by commenting on the page and uploading the photo of the autographed football. Interested buyers will contact you through messages and through comments on the page.

Selling an Autographed Football Locally


Use your computer to make flyers that advertise the autographed football or sale. Print out pictures of the football and glue them on to colorful paper or cardstock. Write or type a description of the football on the paper above or below the picture. Create several flyers and place them on the bulletin boards around your community. Bulletin boards can be found in libraries, gas stations, post offices and laundromats.

Newspaper Ads

Create a newspaper ad for your autographed football. Some local newspapers will allow you to add photos to your ad, and others will only allow short descriptions. Most newspaper charge a small fee or the ad. Take your printed ad to the newspaper office and choose how long you would like them to run it for. Make sure that you have included your contact information so that interested buyers can contact you. Pay the appropriate fee and check the newspaper to see the ad. When you are contacted, make arrangements to exchange the autographed football and money in person.

Tips and comments

Check online auctions to see what similar autographed footballs are selling for before pricing yours.