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Top 3 Exercises For Football Pro

Published at 02/03/2012 07:30:48


A football pro trains hard with various exercises to improve their overall performance in the sport. These professionals would spend countless hours in the gym and training facilities to help them get stronger, faster and better in the gridiron field. In contact sports such as football, athletes also need to gain muscles to prevent injuries from happening.


The exercises and training procedures for every football pro would vary depending on the position and specialty of the player. A wide receiver will have different training methods with the defensive lineman. Such is the reason that these athletes need the supervision of a professional fitness instructor. However, there are some exercises that can be suitable to all the positions of the football field. Here are the three major exercises for the sport of football.


  • Cardiovascular exercises – the best way to improve endurance

Cardio fitness is certainly one of the most significant aspects in football and other sports training. It basically improves the athlete’s endurance, which is very vital in football games. Football, like any other power and strength sport, requires endurance from its players.

The intensity of cardio training for football pro players would vary depending on the position of the player. The cardio training program for the wide receivers is more intensified than that of the lineman. These wide receivers need a lot of time in cardio training since they have to run up and down in the football throughout the game. There are several cardio exercises such as jogging, treadmill and skipping ropes for these athletes. Perhaps, the best cardio exercise for a pro football athlete is circuit training with weights.

  • The best upper body workout – Bench Press

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness experts have considered the bench press as the best upper body exercise. It strengthens and builds lean muscle mass in the major muscle groups of your body. Bench press is one of the three most important weight exercises in muscle building. This workout or exercise is also an integral part of professional football training.

The primary muscles built by these presses are chest, triceps, shoulders and back muscles. It also tightens the core and works the abdomen muscles as well. These muscle groups are very substantial in specific football movements such as defending and blocking. Linemen and linebackers have to lift heavier weights to strengthen those muscles and improve their performance in the gridiron field.

  • Squats for muscle mass

Squats would work the largest muscle groups in the human anatomy which could lead to significant gains in strength and muscle mass. This compound exercise will help football pro players gain explosiveness as well as power. Squats are not only for strengthening purposes, but they can also be utilized to increase your speed in running. Wide receivers would also use this compound exercise to improve their leaping abilities.

Tips and comments

Athletes need to train in the gym to improve their capabilities and performance in their sport. These are the exercises that are very substantial for every professional football players. You can try doing these exercises if you want to improve your game in the gridiron field. These exercises along with the proper nutrition and supplementation will help you play like a football pro athlete.