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Speed Training For Good Football Rankings

Published at 02/03/2012 10:37:56


Extensive training and practices are needed for an athlete to be at the top of the football rankings in his school, league or division. Skills, explosiveness, speed and power are needed to be developed for you to become the best football player you can be. These are the vital aspects that you need to develop to add a new dimension in your game.


Speed is definitely the most significant ability for football players. It is a very crucial skill that needs to be developed to become amongst the elite football players in the country. There is a variety of methods to develop such skill. You can be recognized as one of the best players in your league’s or division’s football rankings if you are able to develop such skill. It is highly recommended to utilize various techniques and practices to have a well-rounded speed training workout. Here are some of the schemes to help develop your speed in the football field.


  • Lateral speed drills

Lateral agility and speed can be very complex to develop and muster. However, it is very essential to several aspects and positions of the game in order to be at the top in football rankings. Quarterbacks and wide receivers will spend thousands of hours practicing their lateral speed movements. Offensive players would utilize these movements to bypass their defenders.

  • Leg strengthening exercises

To be a valuable football player in your team, you need to have exceptional speed and explosiveness in your legs. You need to develop them through leg strengthening exercises and workouts. Developed muscles in the legs will improve your overall explosiveness and speed. There are several exercises such as goblet squat, lunges and leg curls that will help you develop those lower body muscle groups.

  • Plyometrics

Plyometrics are widely utilized by various types of pro athletes to increase their agility, speed and power of muscle contractions. The exercises in this workout are explosive movements that will help you run faster and jump higher as well. There are full body pylometrics and there are lower body and upper body pylometrics workouts as well. Add this program to your training to improve your overall speed, agility and power and to facilitate in your goals of gaining the highest football rankings.

  • Cardio and Circuit Exercises for Endurance

Circuit exercises with weights are the best ways to improve muscle endurance. Basic cardio exercises such as jogging and sprinting can also be the perfect alternatives for the circuit training. Another way to improve muscle endurance is by lifting lighter weights with high repetitions. This weightlifting method is for muscle endurance and not for developing strength and size.

  • Proper Running Posture

There is quite a few collegiate football players that were not taught of the proper posture of running. The proper form of running will help you go farther, quicker, and in a very efficient manner. The body must be leaning forward while the elbows are propelling back, and the head should be still and square with the shoulders.

Tips and comments

The best professional football players in the country have performed these schemes to improve their speed in the gridiron field. These speed development techniques are not only applicable for football players, buy they can be used for other sports as well. These techniques can help football players reach the top of the football rankings in the country.