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Introduction To Live College Football

Published at 02/03/2012 19:24:07

The Excitement and the Energy of Live College Football

Football is one of America's most famous and popular sports. While many people in the United States enjoy the professional football of the NFL, a great deal of Americans much prefer the excitement and the energy of live college football. Governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, live college football provides an electric atmosphere that can't be compared to much else. Fans of college football love the game and live for it with a passion. They wait all year for the season to start and they can't take their eyes off the game until their favorite teams make it to a bowl game. They stay glued to the TV screen when they can't go to a live college football game, rooting for their team no matter if they win or lose. However, there's no comparison to actually attending a live college football game.


The first live college football game ever to be played under modern rules was between Harvard University and Tufts University in 1875. The sport has since evolved to include hundreds of colleges and universities fielding their own teams. The NCAA later stepped in, creating rules for the sport that not only help to keep the players safe but also keep the games interesting and competitive. The NCAA reviews these rules annually and often makes changes to evolve with the times and the game itself.


Live college football games boast a variety of features that set the sport apart from its professional counterpart. The use of mascots is an important aspect not often seen in NFL football games. For instance, the University of Miami Hurricanes mascot is Sebastian The Ibis, a duck-like character that roams through the stands and on the sidelines pumping the crowd up and taunting the opposing team. The Hurricanes' greatest rival, the Florida State Seminoles, have a mascot of their own, Chief Osceola, who rides into games on horseback with a spear in homage to the team's Native American namesake. 

Rivalries are another huge aspect in live college football. Many teams have rivalries that date back for decades, and often the hardcore, die-hard fans of these teams live for this game every year. Such rivalries as Miami vs. Florida State, Alabama vs. Auburn, Texas vs. Oklahoma, and Army vs. Navy are among the most classic and storied in the sport. 

The atmosphere of the games itself, as well as the stadiums in which the live college football games are played, add to the intensity of the sport. Legendary stadiums such as the Orange Bowl in Miami have been known for the crowd noise that they would generate. Places such as these were proven to strike fear in the visiting teams, particularly when the entire crowd would be on their feet, making noise and supporting the home team.

Tips and comments

If you wish to attend a live college football game, make sure to plan ahead, particularly if the team you wish to see is among the best ones. Games tend to sell out early, so plan ahead to avoid being shut out of the game or having to pay an exorbitant amount to a scalper. However, if you need tickets at the last minute, don't hesitate to check out sites like Craigslist or StubHub, as people often are looking to unload tickets at the last minute for a reduced rate. Another option to get tickets for live college football aside from through the box office is to simply show up near the stadium. You will often see people standing outside selling extra tickets. Be careful, however, for counterfeits.