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How To Watch Alabama Football


The University of Alabama football team, the Crimson Tide, has a long and storied history of winning games and satisfying their die hard fan base. The 2011 Alabama football team won the national championship title in the 2012 BCS National Championship Game by beating the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers. They've won 15 national titles altogether and Alabama football is something that fans take very seriously. The team plays in the NCAA's Southeastern Conference (SEC), making Alabama football a powerhouse. As a result of this history of winning championships, as well as the fact that people from Alabama put down roots elsewhere, many people all over the country (and yes, sometimes even the world) wish to watch Alabama football games during college football season so that they can cry the infamous chant that Alabama football fans live by: ROLL TIDE. 

Step 1

The best way to watch Alabama football is by going to a game for yourself. There is no greater experience in Alabama football than actually watching the Crimson Tide roll over their opponents at Bryant Deney Stadium, their home turf since 1929 and one of the largest sports stadiums in the country. The atmosphere is electric and the Alabama football fans go crazy rooting for their favorite team, so you will love going to these games. However, as a result, tickets for Alabama football games often sell out far in advance, particularly when the Crimson Tide play against rival SEC teams such as Florida and LSU, so make sure and look for your tickets early enough so you have time to find the seats that you want and purchase them. Don't forget to show up early to the stadium so that you can tailgate. Alabama football fans take their tailgating seriously as well, showing up hours before the game to grill up steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and other treats while enjoying beers and tossing around their own footballs in the parking lot. Nothing gets you more pumped for Alabama football than tailgating. 

Step 2

Turn on the television. Since Alabama football is such a national powerhouse, their games are very often broadcast on national TV every Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on what time the game starts. More often than not you can find their games on regular broadcast TV, but sometimes you will need to have cable to watch Alabama football on such channels as ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU. Sometimes you can watch Alabama football online on sites like While the Alabama football experience isn't quite the same while watching the team on TV instead of in person, you'll still be able to enjoy the game from a variety of great camera angles. 

Step 3

If all else fails or if you don't have access to a channel or online website showing the Alabama football game, there is a very good chance that your local sports bar will be broadcasting the game live. This is another great way to watch Alabama football, and you'll be able to enjoy some good food and drinks while you're at it. You can order many of the time honored traditions of sports bars such as cheese fries, chicken wings, hamburgers, steaks, and more while drinking as many beers as you want. If you drink enough beers, you may just feel like you're actually at the Alabama football game yourself (just make sure and avail the services of a designated driver if you do drink). 

By Carlos Fournier, published at 02/02/2012
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