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Tips And Ideas For Football

Published at 02/05/2012 16:51:57


Football is a unique sport in the sense that depending on where you are in the world, people may think of different things when you mention the word "football." In the United States, people instantly think of American football when they hear the term, but for football fans just about anywhere else in the world, people think of the traditional game of football, which American refer to as soccer. For football fans and players everywhere, however, regardless of whether you're talking about football or soccer, there are tips you can follow for football playing that can help you improve your game and play at the very best levels that you can. When training for football (or soccer), always remember to warm up and stretch first. Remember not to over train so that you can do your best. 

Step 1

Run drills when training for football. There are a variety of drills that you can perform. These include running sprints, running longer distances, and going through various obstacle courses. For football players, all of these drills help them to improve their speed and stamina, which are important physical factors necessary for playing their best during games.  Drills will get you in tip top shape for football games regardless of your skill level, so keep this in mind as you begin training for football. 

Step 2

Play scrimmage games when training for football games. Scrimmages are practice games played among members of the same team to help them prepare for football games against opposing teams. Keep in mind that since these are practice games, you want to go easy on your teammates so that no one gets hurt. Save the rough stuff for football games that actually matter, when winning is the only thing that matters and defeat is not an option. For football players (and soccer players), scrimmages are a great way to train for football. 

Step 3

Train for football based on your individual position, regardless of which type of football you are playing. For example, if you are an American football kicker, set up a tee to practice kicking field goals and kick offs on your own. If you have a friend with you that can act as a placeholder, practice with your friend holding the ball in place for you to kick the ball through the goal. For quarterbacks, practice taking snaps, throwing the ball as much as you can, and working on safely running the ball if necessary to get the first down and go out of bounds (particularly if running is not your strongest skill). 

If you are training for football traditionally, practice such things as ball control, head shots, and other moves. If you are a defender, ball control is especially important. If you have a friend with you, set up a one-on-one confrontation against a good striker, doing your best to steal the ball and get it downfield, away from your team's goal. If you are a forward, practice for football by setting up one on ones against a goalie, taking a shots in a mock shootout and trying to get the ball past the goalie and into the net. 

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