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The Benefits Of Notre Dame Football

Published at 02/04/2012 19:52:21


Notre Dame Football team is the official football team of University of Notre dame. The squad is presently trained by Brian Kelly. Notre Dame participates as an independent team at the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision level, and is an instituting participant of the Bowl Championship Series coalition. It is a self-governing squad, not associated with any symposium. Notre Dame Football team plays its home turf the Notre Dame's grounds at the Notre Dame Stadium, with housing capacity of 80,795. All home games are aired on NBC. The Notre Dame Football team has 13 acknowledged nationwide champion ship titles, the pioneer of all FBS institutes in the post-1900 period and third after Princeton and Yale. Notre Dame Football team is also known to proudly hold 7 Heisman and 96 All-Americans, more than any other Football Bowl Division university.


The golden Notre Dame Football team didn’t have a propitious beginning at the American Football. In their introductory game on 23rd November 1887, the Irish lost miserably by a score of 8-0 against Michigan. As everyone knows, the Irish are known to be tough and hardworking; their first victory was against Harvard prep in 1888, a glorious victory by a score of 20-0. During 1887 and 1899 Notre dame achieved a record of 31 wins, 15 losses. Still not being able to defeat Michigan, but it was in 1909 Notre Dame realized their first victory against Michigan by a score of 11-3. Michigan State not taking it too well refused to play against the golden team of Ireland for 33 years, Talk about being touchy. In 1913 Jesse Harper was named as the head coach, under his supervision, the team played intercollegiate games and achieved a record of 34 wins. These four years pioneered rivalries against the Army, while the enmity excelled against the Michigan state. Jesse Harper was retired in 1917 and the Notre Dame Football team outshined their game play every year.


The Benefits Of Notre Dame Football

Playing for the Notre Dame Team is a dream come true for any football enthusiast. It is one of the most reputed team around the world, proudly claiming 3rd position; the team is known to house several national and international championships. Notre Dame has been nominated 8 times as the winner of wire service; in 1938 the team was awarded as the national champions by the Dickinson System. The end of 2011 regular season, Notre Dame has the second highest winning percentage in the history of NCAA, just one step behind their rivals, the Michigan State. Achieving 3rd position for most wins and has the second fewest losses in I-A program. This is just the tip of the ice-berg, the list of achievements is almost infinite. So if your get yourself into this team you will have a great future in the football industry.

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For every football enthusiast, it’s a dream to play in front of a roaring crowd in the lush green turf. Getting into a Football is a great achievement and it requires immense amounts of hard work and dedication. To be drafted in a football team its best to be in college and typically you have to be an elite player, that’s one way of getting into a reputed team such as the Notre Dame. Keep your spirits high and aim for the stars, who knows you might be lucky enough to play with the Golden team of Ireland.