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The Rules Of Football Skills

Published at 02/03/2012 19:35:56


Conventional wisdom stated that talent was God given and training was just a supplementary part of any sport, necessary to ‘polish’ a sportsman. Nowadays though, through revolutionary coaching and learning techniques many players can learn to enhance themselves; although the ‘God gifted’ are still an entirely different category. Skills football is what football has become now. The more skills and variety used by a player while playing the game, the more ‘untouchable’ he becomes and the more fans watch him closely. Although there is no doubt that inventing skill requires a certain degree of talent, after all not everyone can achieve the heights of Troy Aikman, but it is also a fact that provided you’re an athlete, you can definitely learn how to play skills football.


Skills are varied in nature and cannot be assigned a precise definition. They basically apply to any ability a player has and effectively delivers on the field. This can range from player to player based on his position on the team as well as on the field. Intelligence and the ability to change a play to the situation a quarter back is in can be considered a skill. For example if a quarter back sees that all of his team mates are covered and he cannot pass the ball, he may decide to run for the first down or touch down himself. Successfully pulling this off will result in a good display of skills football and fumbling the ball in the process will result in a bad display of it. Every player is put into a situation where he needs to make a call; if he should go the full yard or pass the ball. In situations where such decisions are to be made, the players with more skill usually succeed because they possess the ability to handle such situations and take quick decisions that benefit the team.


The Rules Of Football Skills

Such decisions may not necessarily always pan out and they most certainly do not every time no matter whom the player is. But a good success rate is all that is required. Thus skills football is the way to go in the current era. As mentioned earlier skills are no longer something one has to possess, they can now be learned. Coaches have numerous techniques to teach skills and probably the easiest way would be to watch senior and better players in slow motion to see how they pull off scoring moves.

Tips and comments

In the world of technology nothing is impossible and so learning how to play skills football is no herculean task. Anyone with the dedication and commitment can do it but practice is essential. The more a player practices the greater chance he has at becoming better at skills because it is a learning process. The theoretical (watching the videos, reading the play book) can only do so much, until you apply your knowledge practically (on the field) you will not know exactly how and when to put your knowledge to test, or even how much of it.