Top Five Funny Football Moments
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Top Five Funny Football Moments

Published at 02/01/2012 23:42:25


Top Five Funny Football Moments

Who doesn't love football? Obviously, the ones who have never given themselves the chance to watch this game. This game gathers cheering, raging fans all over the world into testosterone-filled stadiums, clubs and television lounges. There's no cultural, religious, geographical or political divide when it comes to football. The only thing that separates one group of fans from the other is the team they support. For some people it is that something to believe in and rejoice for that they find bigger than themselves, while for others it is a way to bond with friends and family as they all root for one team as the over-enthusiastic father tells his four year old how to score. And amidst all the hurrays, sweats, and kicking of the ball funny football moments happen that none of us can ever forget.


It is thought that the Romans first played a game that resembled football. Documented evidence regarding the Chinese military also shows us that they also played this game. The Japanese within the imperial court of Kyoto have been known to have played a game in which several people kicked the ball to each other. During the middle ages there were attempts to ban football in Europe and Shakespeare has also mentioned this wacky game in one of his plays. Later on, King James I of England wrote a book in which he encouraged Christians to partake in football every week after worship.


Here are some funny football moments that are worth remembering. Coming first on the list of funny football moments is the time when Chris Brass accidentally shoved his face into the ball, broke his nose and STILL let the ball fall into the net and hence made an own goal! Then we have two players of the same team fighting, in this instance players from Newcastle. Lee Bowyer punched Kieron Dyer because Dyer didn't pass the ball to Bowyer! Both of them were given red cards and the hatred between them stayed. The next funny football moments is Massimo Taibi and his ridiculous failure after the easiest of saves when he let the ball pass through his two unfortunate legs! Fourth on the list of funny football moments is the ever hilarious instance when Didier Drogba and Jens Lehman were at each other like little kids, pushing and pulling and slipping all over the grass. Lastly, we have referees who fall down again and again. It is just these funny football moments that can liven up even the rarest, most dull football matches if there ever are any.

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This fantastic game is worth watching and it's even more awesome to live and relive these funny football moments. For people all over the world, football is life. It is what they chant for and the team they support feels like family. Seeing the team you support win a match is something so beautiful that it takes your breath away. So, remember all those sad, epic and funny football moment and go get tickets to your nearest football game to make many more amazing memories!